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Large shrunken olive, trumpet type, prepared by a combination of fermentation in brine and layering in coarse sea salt. It has a rich, sour taste and a little salt (salinity less than 3%).
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Olives are considered to be the most important fruit in the Mediterranean. A symbol of peace, serenity, fertility and rebirth, the olive tree truly is a “gift from god“. Since ancient times, the olive tree was awe- inspiring due to its capacity to never dry out: new shoots sprout from the dry trunks and in this way, the tree is regenerated once again. In Greece, several varieties of edible olives can be found, namely the olives from Kalamata, Amfissa, Thasos etc. The color (green, brown-violet, black) depends on the degree of ripeness of the fruit. Scientific studies have confirmed the high nutritional value and the antioxidant action of edible olives, as they are rich in fiber, minerals, monosaturated fats and vitamin E.
Meet the producer: Velouitinos

The company - "Velouitinos" was created in 2001 by a young man, Evangelos Kaltsas, when his love for nature, ecology and a healthy lifestyle found its mark in the lush vegetation of the island of Thassos, the northern-most island of the Aegean Sea. Since then, and to this day, he has been cultivating olive trees producing Thassos wrinkled olives, and has been producing table olives and olive oil with passion, and based solely on organic agricultural methods. The "Velouitinos" trademark is a symbolic image representing the unique quality characteristics of the olive fruit, olive oil and the perennial olive trees. It also emits positive energy and symbolizes great strength.

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Visit the region: Argolida

Argolida extends to the eastern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula. It constitutes a challenge for historical, cultural and naturalistic exploration. Nafplio, also known as the "first capital of Greece” during recent historical times, manages without a doubt to enchant its many visitors. Its cobblestone streets, Venetian castles, neoclassical mansions, Turkish fountains, historical churches, and its boat rides on crystal clear water, all add to the magic of this magnificent and beautiful town. One is awe-struck when visiting the ancient palace of Atrides in the area of Mycenaes, the cyclopean walls of ancient Tiryns and the outstanding ancient theatre of Epidaurus – a theatre most famous for its excellent acoustics and where many a visitor goes during the Summer Festival, to watch a play. Low hills with olive groves and vineyards, enormous rocks with deep gorges and prickly pear trees, along with totally wind-protected coves with fish taverns, all form the natural landscape of Argolida

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Naturally fermeted & debittered prune olives from Argolis "Prune Olives" 180g

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Large shrunken olive, trumpet type, with rich sour taste and a little salt!
Meet the producer: Velouitinos
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