Yoleni's Greek Restaurant in Athens

Explore Greek flavors like a local!



We gathered the most well-known traditional recipes from every corner of Greece, used the authentic ingredients that our grandparents used, and we present them to you in an unforgettable journey full of flavors & aromas in our restaurant in Athens!

Choose from over 40 eclectic menu dishes visualized and curated by Yoleni's Head Chef! Traditional Greek recipes, all-time favorite international dishes with a touch of... Greece, premium meat cuts, local appetizers and unique varieties of Greek wine are just some of our menu options.

Ready to embark on a Gastronomic journey through Greece?

At Yoleni’s you will enjoy:
  • Handmade Greek pitas prepared & baked upon your order
  • Pizza & peinirli with a wide variety of toppings, made on the spot
  • Fresh, hearty salads bursting with flavor in every bite
  • Meat dishes cooked to perfection
  • Iconic recipes of the Greek authentic cuisine
  • Traditional Greek appetizers & spreads




    Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy Center
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    Monday to Saturday
    09:00 – 18:00
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