How to make the perfect Greek Coffee!

On gas:

  • Add 65ml of water at room temperature in a clean and dry coffee pot with a narrow neck
  • Turn on the gas burner and set it to low
  • Place the coffee pot on the gas
  • For semi-sweet coffee add 5g or ½ teaspoon of sugar and 6.5g or 1 teaspoon of coffee. For sweet coffee add the same quantity as the added coffee (1 teaspoon coffee : 1 teaspoon sugar)
  • Stir the ingredients well with a teaspoon to make a homogenous mixture
  • Once the coffee foam starts to rise up, remove it from the fire and tap it 2-3 times slightly on the kitchen countertop. In a few seconds the coffee foam will settle
  • Then immediately put the coffee pot on the fire again and when the coffee starts foaming again remove it from the fire.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then serve it carefully in the authentic cup of Loumidis Papagalos Greek coffee
  • Clean the coffee pot by washing it under running water and make sure that it’s dry and clean

For the “double” Greek coffee the dosages added, are twice as defined for the single portion

In ember sand (Hovoli):

  • We select a clean and narrow coffee pot, preferably made of bronze with a narrow “neck”. We choose a small coffee pot if we want to prepare a single Greek coffee or bigger one for a double Greek coffee.
  • We fill the coffee pot with water in temperature of the room, using the cup of Loumidis Papagalos Greek coffee for measurement.We sink the coffee pot in the ember sand and we wait for a few seconds for the heat to be transmitted inside the pot.
  • We add a full spoon of Loumidis Papagalos (6,5gr) for each cup of coffee.If we wish more sugar to be added, we do that after the addition of coffee in order for the coffee not to be caramelized. With a teaspoon we gently stir (attention, after this point we should not stir the coffee again).
  • We cover with hot sand the sidings of the coffee pot – using a spoon- so that there is right allocation of temperature (on the sides and not only to the bottom of he coffee pot).
  • When the coffee foam starts rising up, we remove the pot from the fire and gently hit the coffee pot to the bench.
  • We sink the coffee pot back to the ember sand and when the coffee starts rising up again we remove it.
  • We wait for 2-3 seconds and we serve the cup of Loumidis Papagalos Greek coffee (65ml)