Loumidis Coffee Corner at Yoleni's

The new #TalkoftheTown destination!

A new modern spot was created by Loumidis Papagalos inside Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy center: “Our corner” welcomes visitors and invites them to live a holistic experience around Greek coffee. Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy center at Kolonaki has become a must go-to destination for locals and tourists, offering a great variety of Greek products from every corner of Greece in a cozy and welcoming place. And now, Loumidis Papagalos is waiting for you to enjoy your favorite Greek coffee in the new specially designed corner within Yoleni's Experience Store.

The visitor may enjoy his/her breakfast or brunch, choosing from the tailor-made menu, and accompany it with a cup of his/her favorite Loumidis Papagalos' blend! Every signature meal highlights the unique flavor and aroma of Greek Coffee, offering a true gastronomic experience: For those who love traditional tastes, the Thracian pie with sweet and sour white cheese or a piece of milk pie are the must-haves, while for the fans of healthy lifestyle, a Sandwich with tomato and avocado along with Yoleni's Benedict eggs and a cup of Greek coffee could give the energy boost in the beginning of their day.

At the same time, the “corner” is full of traditional accompaniments, such as jams, sweet snacks and spreads, cookies and spoon sweets, matching the blend of Greek coffee Loumidis Papagalos, to create the perfect coffee pairing.

"Our Corner" is the new destination for coffee lovers: for a coffee on-the-go, for a true indulgent experience at the Cafe, or even to choose among the authentic blends of Loumidis Papagalos from “our corner” and take them home! 

    Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy Center
    Solonos 9, 10671, Attica, Athens, Greece
    +30 212 22 23 623 CALL US
    Monday to Friday 08:00 – 00:00
    Saturday 09:00 – 00:00
    Sunday 08:00 – 00:00
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