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Product Description
Dried chamomile in tea bags. All you have to do is immerse a small tea bag in a cup of boiling water, allow it to infuse for a few minutes and add a bit of sugar or honey to taste. Now you can enjoy the flavour, the taste, but also the beneficial to the organism qualities of this plant. Chamomile is a very adaptable plant, found almost everywhere in Greece. It is known to offer relaxation and stress relief! It helps fight insomnia, indigestion and mouth ulcers. It is also recommended for exterior use, on wounds.
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Product History
Herbal teas are pleasing and revitalizing beverages. They are prepared by boiling herbs, aromatic plants or roots and are consumed hot or cold. The particularly rich Greek flora has a great variety of plants that can make wonderful beverages. The correct instructions for the preparation of a herbal tea, suggest that we choose a herb, immerse it in water at a temperature of 70 oC and wait for a while until it releases its colour and flavours. Serve it preferably in a thick porcelain cup and add a little sugar or honey to sweeten.
Meet the producer: Cretan Herbs
Cretan Herbs

A family business based in the region of Rethymnon in Crete, continues the Cretan tradition of collecting herbs from the rich flora of mount Psiloritis, but also by cultivating them on their private estate. The goal of the Kavvalos family is to familiarize contemporary consumers with the wonderful world of Cretan nature, help them discover Cretan herbs and the Cretan Diet. They also aim to take them on an amazing, imaginary trip to various flavours and aromas. All products are packed in environmentally friendly packaging, with the use of modern machinery and according to the contemporary quality assurance rules.

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Visit the region: Rethimno

The prefecture of Rethimno is located on the north coast of Crete. The area has many archaeological sites, such as stunning Venetian and Turkish monuments, Byzantine churches and monasteries, the most well preserved Renaissance town in Greece, as well as stunning natural beauty, such as impressive canyons, caves, sandy beaches with crystal clear water, indented coastlines and rare plants.

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Cretan organic chamomile "Cretan Herbs" 12x1,2g

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Product code: 000501 Gross Weight 50g
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Dried chamomile in tea bags.
Meet the producer: Cretan Herbs
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