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For Idylle d 'Achinos, three varieties equally divided entangled in a large romance from those that are not easy to overcome. Grenache, Syrah and Agiorgitiko in equal parts, are vinified with a very short extraction time adding up to a wine overwhelmed with finesse. Biodynamic, organic farming and dense planting harden plants to unprecedented concentration levels with their energy taking care of just a few bunches per vine. Pale, almost transparent, salmon-pink in the glass. Smooth, elegant nose with dominant notes of juicy, ripe cherries and strawberries. Red apple, sanguine and orange blossom gradually reveal themselves. The mouth is moderate volume with crisp acidity. Pomegranate, strawberry, cherries, peach, pink grapefruit, citron and candied apple create a special profile for a rosé wine, very far from what we are used to. The long finish with citrus notes boosts the palate.
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The specific vinification and manufacturing methods used for obtaining quality wines of the rosé variety requires the know-how and inspiration from the winemaker, in order to achieve the combined attributes of both red and white varieties. The rosé wines are characterized by great flexibility, as far as food pairing is concerned. They can be consumed as an aperitif or an excellent accompaniment to a platter of fruit. Discover their splendor!
Visit the region: Fthiotida

In the prefecture of Fthiotida the visitor encounters a magnificent mountainous nature (high mountains with fir forests, pinewoods, conifers, planes, national parks, gorges, waterfalls, Alpine lakes, plateaux), but also fertile plains, picturesque villages and archaeological sites. There are historical references on the region of Fthiotida in mythology. As indicated from the archaeological discoveries in a lot of settlements, the region has been inhabited since the neolithic period (6000-2800 BC). The location of the prefecture was of strategic importance, as it constituted the passage from Northern to Southern Greece and vice versa. In Fthiotida the first "Amfiktyonia" was founded, a kind of Union of ancient Greek states. Great cities were founded in the region along the centuries, like Lamia, Ipati, Thermopylae and historical battles took place there, such as: the battle of Thermopylae (480 BC), the battle of Spercheios during the Byzantine times (995 AD), the battle of Alamana (1821).

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«Idylle D'Achinos» "La Tour Melas" Rosé Dry Wine 750ml

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For Idylle d 'Achinos, three varieties equally divided entangled in a large romance from those that are not easy to overcome.
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