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The wine was named Idyss Oak because it is characterized by the richness and sweetness that oak barrels give to the taste and aroma of Chardonnay. After the pre-fermentation extraction, the wine was vinified in French oak barrels, where it remained in contact with its fine wine lees for about 5 months, thus gaining in body and aromatic complexity. The color of the wine is golden yellow. The nose is characterized by aromas of exotic fruits accompanied by vanilla and honey. Taste rich, oily and balanced, with pleasant acidity. Enjoy it at 10-12ºC. Accompanied by seafood, fatty grilled fish, cooked meats with white sauces and smoked cheeses. Can be aged.
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The specific vinification and manufacturing methods used for obtaining quality wines of the rosé variety requires the know-how and inspiration from the winemaker, in order to achieve the combined attributes of both red and white varieties. The rosé wines are characterized by great flexibility, as far as food pairing is concerned. They can be consumed as an aperitif or an excellent accompaniment to a platter of fruit. Discover their splendor!
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The Prefecture of Drama is located in Eastern Macedonia and its history dates back to prehistoric times. The region came under the occupation of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the Bulgarians until it was finally liberated in 1916. In Drama you can find the Virgin Forest, which is one of the most important virgin forests in Europe and the only one in Greece. There are various types of trees, beech trees, pine trees, birches, willows and maple trees, along with rare wild vegetation and animals, running water, springs, caves, wetlands, gorges and geological formations.

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«Idisma Drios» Chardonnay P.G.I Drama "Wine Art Estate" White Wine 750ml

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Classic cask white wine from Chardonnay. Its stay in the barrel has given beautifully spicy aromatic notes and has significantly "melted" the primary aromas of the fruit, however the acidity remains alive and the duration is completely satisfactory until the end.

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