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Sultana Raisins of unique quality from vineyards in the Peloponnese-southern Greece using traditional cultivation techniques, handpicked and dried naturally under the sun. Sultana Raisins have been part of the Mediterranean diet with many excellent properties: they are natural source of antioxidants, rich in potassium –higher even that of the banana- rich in copper, fat free, natural source of fiber and Vitamin B6. They contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, to normal function of the muscles, to normal oxygen transport in the body. Sultana Raisins constitute natural source of antioxidants, high in phenols neutralizing free radicals in the body and contributing to the general well being. Suitable for vegetarians and Vegans. Gluten-free and GMO-free
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Product History
Nuts and dried fruit are products of high nutritional value. Plain as a snack, in breakfast cereal or mixed in salads, they complement a daily diet of high nutritional value. Dried fruit and such as apricots, raisins, figs, prunes, peanuts, walnuts and almonds are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals and at the same time low in fat. They are ideal for those involved in sports. The most important thing is for them to be consumed raw i.e. without salt, and in reasonable quantities.
Meet the producer: Dioterra
DIOTERRA is a family owned company in southern Greece - Peloponnese, producing top quality healthy products. Our passion for the healthy Mediterranean diet inspired us to establish the brand name DIOTERRA, in which we encompassed not only our honey, but also the best quality products that the Greek land has to offer. Our aim is to share the flavours we savoured as we were growing up and our vision is to reintroduce on gastronomic choices the authentic treasures abundantly found in the Greek land. Our commitment is to provide 100% natural products of high nutritional value without the use either of additives or conservatives. From production, processing and storage to product distribution, we apply the strictest guidelines in order to guarantee excellent quality. Our company has been certified to the international standards for hygiene and food safety of ISO 22000:2005, and by Agrocert for the trading of PDO products.
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Visit the region: Aighialeia

Aighialeia is located in Achaia, on the north side of the Peloponnese. It extends along the coastline, from Aegira-Akrata to the villages of Rio, reaching the surrounding mountains Helmos and Panachaiko.

Aighialeia offers unforgettable routes through olive groves and vineyards, rivers and canyons, lakes and mountain peaks. The mountains and the hillsides plunge into the sea composing a unique canvas with colors ranging from the green of fir trees to the sea-blue. The slopes of Aigialeia constitute one of the most interesting vinicultural regions in the world. The locally produced currants, Vostizza PDO, named after the medieval name of the city of Aeghion, have a strong reputation of being the best in the world. Picturesque villages offer a wide variety of agrotouristic activities such as cultivation and harvest. Wineries are a unique experience, exhibiting the whole process of wine production. Alternative museums, archeological sites, monasteries, country chapels, little taverns in the countryside, traditional village guest houses and ageless plane trees compose a dream landscape.

Seven rivers and a lake called Tsivlou, create a scenery of rare beauty, while from the fir-trees forests is offered a breathtaking view of the Corinthian Gulf and Central Greece.

Inside the beautiful canyon of Vouraikos, parallel to the European long-distance path E4, hides one of the most rare and beautiful railroads of the world. The Odontotos Rack Railroad, with just 75cm width is considered to be the narrowest rack railway in the world. Since 1896, the train covers a journey of 22.350 meters in length and 750 meters altitude, travelling from the seaside town of Diakopto parallel to the river -through bridges and tunnels- to the snowy mountainous village of Kalavryta.

Aeghion is the seat of the municipality Aigialeia in Achaia-Peloponnese and is know as the port town on the Gulf of Corinth. The city is built upon the exact spot of the ancient city. According to the findings of the excavations, the area was first inhabited during the Paleolithic era and it has been under continuous habitation since 2000 B.C.

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Sultana Raisins "Dioterra" 200g

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Finest selected Sultana Raisins: extra juicy, packed with natural sweetness and flavor. Nutritious and healthy, 100% sulfite free, without added sugar and preservatives.
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Meet the producer: Dioterra
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