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Greek Luxury Products is the newest member of the first Greek “Luxury Group”, the leading luxury services provider in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Meet the producer: Sousa & Labourdette
Sousa & Labourdette

The geese of the Sousa family are not strictly wild, but they roam freely around the huge family property, fed with wild acorns and various greens. This means that the family is able to produce something as rare as it is. A foie gras that is absolutely natural and obtained without violence. For many years, the family has produced foie gras for domestic consumption only, placing the goose liver fat in cans, as gifts for family members. When Eduardo Sousa began to attend to the farm, he decided it was the right time to start hiding his secret from the rest of the world.

Diego Labourdette, holding a PhD in ecology, spent five years studying European bird migration patterns and their autumn journey from the cold north to the wetlands of Andalusia and Extremadura. It was during this research that Diego met Eduardo, and so Sousa & Labourdette was born. By sharing their experience and "savoir faire," the two business partners began to work for the ethical production of a unique foie gras. Their product is based on traditional French recipes but comes from semi-wild geese that are bred in a free-range system, respecting the natural life cycle of the animals.

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Goose cured magret «Secreto» "Sousa & Labourdette" 30g

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Salt-cured free-range goose meat of exceptional quality and flavor.
Meet the producer: Sousa & Labourdette