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Meet the producer: Thesauri
At Thesauri, after several trials and experiments, we concluded that sturgeon can easily adapt to climate change that occurs in Greece. Also, according to ancient texts, the Greeks were familiar with the sturgeon and appreciated the value of its eggs. Having chosen the Amvrakikos coast to, Thesauri has managed to become a recognized and pioneering company in sturgeon breeding and caviar production. After the presentation of sturgeon eggs by Astrachan ten years ago, Thesauri products are widely recognized and sold worldwide, even in Russia, the capital of caviar.
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Visit the region: Arta

The region of Arta has the characteristics of the Epirus landscape - heavy, strong, despotic, attractive and enchantingly majestic at the same time.The mountains, inaccessible and isolated, with snowy peaks in the winter, turn into green hills with lush vegetation in the summertime. The water of the Arachthos River flows effervescently and impetuously and captivates the visitor with its beauty and force. Enchanted by all this natural beauty, many people arrived at this place, in order to build castles, bridges, cities and villages, and to bring fables, legends and traditions to life. Furthermore, to help develop trade and the arts, to thrive in architecture, spiritual life and in their struggle for freedom, to give a new perspective to the place, from the Paleolithic era to the present.

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Gift box with 1 «Mother of Pearl» Caviar Spoon "Thesauri"

Available, delivered in 2-7 business days

Product code: 005207 Gross Weight 400g
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Choose from the unique Caviar variety of "Thesauri" and create an elegant and luxurious gift!
Meet the producer: Thesauri
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