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The Pythagoras Cup demonstrates the essence of Greek Gastronomy, the base of the world famous Mediterranean diet. Gastronomy (Γαστρονομία) is a Greek word which literally means “the laws of the gastro system”. This is the main differentiation and innovation of the ancient Greeks: the dedication to combine taste with health. Eating and drinking healthy has to do not only with quality but also with quantity. The Pythagoras cup works as a normal cup if you fill it up to the line. Once you exceed the line, the whole quantity of wine leaks out, obeying the ancient Greek law of “metron ariston” which means “excellence is achieved when everything is in moderation”. This is the basic principle of our Gastronomy.

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Attica was first inhabited during the Neolithic era and it has always had a central role in the historical events of Greece. Its mythical past is also of particular interest, since it was the city favoured most by the twelve Olympian gods. During ancient times, Athens, and Attiki in general was a great economic, political, intellectual and cultural force, culminating during the "Golden Age of Pericles".The Acropolis of Athens was built during that time, along with the architectural monuments of the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis and many other great buildings.The Peloponnesian War, the expansion of Alexander the Great’s empire, the Roman occupation, the spreading of Christianity, the Byzantines' contempt, the arrival of the Francs, Catalans and Venetians, and finally the period of the Ottoman occupation, all marked the history of Attiki, right up to the year 1834, when Athens was nominated capital, of the finally independent Greek state.

The landscape of Attiki is characterized by the Athenian blue sky, the sun and the glorious shades that the sunset brings out on its stone mass.Also worth mentioning, are the mountains that surround the basinof Attiki with their characteristic vegetation, the national parks, the forest of Kessariani, the wetlands of Mesogeia and the beautiful sandy beaches. One can also spot native and migratory birds, visit countless archaeological sites and walk along the narrow streets of the picturesque area of Plaka, admiring the balconies of its magnificent neoclassical buildings.

In Greek Mythology, legend goes that Dionysus, god of wine and merrymaking, entrusted the inhabitants of Attica with the cultivation of the grapevine and the art of winemaking. The terroir of Mesogia, Attica, renowned for its wines, is Greece’s oldest. It is where the celebrated grape variety “Savvatiano” is grown and where Retsina, the queen of Attica wines, reigns supreme. Retsina is under a Traditional Appellation certification as its unique, traditional traits guarantee a product of special taste and true Greek character. Apart from Mesogia, the region of Attica also includes the area of Piraeus which is Greece’s and the eastern Mediterranean’s largest port celebrated for its strategic and trading significance since ancient times. Today, it is Greece’s and the Greek economy’s largest hub of commercial activities and has the highest passenger traffic among European ports. The Prefecture of Attica is often a preferred destination for visitors as it combines countless, breathtaking vistas with a wide range of entertainment and culinary choices

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The Pythagorean Cup of Justice

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The Pythagoras cup works as a normal cup if you fill it up to the line. Once you exceed the line, the liquid leaks out, obeying the ancient Greek law of “metron ariston”.

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