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A sweet-sour, slightly spicy sauce of oyster mushroom, simmering in white dry wine, curry and natural orange juice which gives it an exquisite aroma and a unique flavor. Ideally accompanies, cheese dishes, roasted meat, wine or beer. You can use it as dressing in green salads, burgers or even as a spice on hot baked bread. Irresistible combination of feta cheese, large pieces of parmesan cheese and prosciutto slices. The product has won the silver award in the category Superior Taste & Quality in the competition «Taste Olymp Awards 2018», held on 26 and 27 May 2018 in Athens!
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Spreads, prepared with simple yet tasty ingredients in unique combinations, are the ideal accompaniment to salty or sweet snacks or even vegetables.
Meet the producer: Terra Fyllida
Terra Fyllida
Terra Fyllida is a company with innovative ideas in the food sector. It has a wide variety of innovative, gourmet, products. It is located in Nea Zichni, a city in the region of Serres. This company makes a different between others, because of the use of pure and fresh products, as well as for the strict hygiene rules that they follow. The are produced by 100% natural ingredients without any preservatives, artificial flavors,aromas or colors.
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The residents of Serres are proud of their region's natural beauty and rich history, and that not without reason. The city of Serres, which was built on one of the major crossroads in Europe, became a "passage" for many peoples and cultures throughout history. It managed to survive as an amalgam of East and West. The first mention of the city dates back to the 5th century BC and one century later Serres had become one of the greatest cities of the Byzantine Empire. Since then, Serres came under the power of the Frank Crusaders, the Bulgarians, the Serbs and the Turks, until it was liberated in 1913. Thanks to its central geographical position, Serres was a major trade and cultural centre, where education and the written word flourished. The landscape of the region is a combination of stunning images: magical lakes, endless rivers, rare aquatic birds and animals, snow covered mountain peaks, dense forests, caves, steep gorges and thermal springs.

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Hamdmade pleurotus mushroom chutney with chilli, curry & orange, from Serres "Terra Fyllida" 160g

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A unique sweet & sour, slightly spicy mushroom sauce, made of oyster mushrooms!
Meet the producer: Terra Fyllida
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