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For centuries, mountain tea has been proving its worth by being by far the most popular Greek fusion. Its beneficial effects to human health and system are impressive: It is refreshing and stress-relieving. It is a natural anti-oxidant and a standard remedy for the common cold. A cup of mountain tea at night produces the opposite results ordinary teas do: instead of keeping you up it soothes and calms frayed nerves. Here's how to make your "Terra Ferea" cup of mountain tea: In a small saucepan bring water to a near boil. Withdraw the saucepan and pour the water over your mountain tea leaves and flowers. Let your fusion steep for 3-4 minutes. Strain and serve it in a large mug. Optionally, you may wish to add honey, cinammon, or lemon.
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Prepared by boiling herbs, aromatic plants or roots in water and then consumed warm or cold, depending on your preferences. The rich and unique Greek flora offers a variety of plants that can turn into beverages that rejoice and refresh us. Served preferably in a porcelain cup with the addition of sugar or honey as a sweetener.
Meet the producer: Terra Ferea
Terra Ferea

The Arabatzis family has been cultivating on its "Terra Ferea" farmland traditional varieties of legumes and aromatic herbs for 30 years. Agriculturalist Haralambos Arabatzis is the family's newest generation. His affinity and bond with the environment and the specific location his farmland is on have led him to apply to his cultivations the stringent demands of organic farming and good farming practice (GFP). Haralambos' dream and ardent desire is to see his area's unrivalled products attain the worldwide status and consumer acclaim they so richly deserve.

When 33-year-old Haralambos Arabatzis from Velestino, Magnisia, turned to the cultivation of legumes and aromatic herbs, he was certain that, one day, his decision would prove to have been the right one: His aspiration to produce quality Greek products has been an unqualified success with consumers responding enthusiastically to his eclectic products. Having been since childhood a part of the land he cultivates, Mr. Arabatzis became an Agricultural Scientist-Technician and then obtained a Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Administration. Following his intensive studies, he decided to take full advantage of his scientific know-how and turned to the land where, in the old days, his family grew wheat, cotton, aromatic herbs, chick peas, and lentils, and devote it solely to aromatic herbs and legumes. His production is Integrated Management-certified since he uses neither chemicals nor pesticides on his crops. In short, his cultivations are living proof of a sustainable and progressive agricultural sector business activity that has proven to be a resounding success.

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Visit the region: Velestino, Magnisia
Velestino, Magnisia
Velestino is a small town in the heartland of the sprawling plain of Thessaly, 18 km away from the major city of Volos. Velestino is built on the site of ancient Feres, once a major hub of ancient Thessaly. Velestino is frequently cited by Greek Modern History sources as it is the birthplace of Rigas Feraios (1757-1798), a writer, political thinker, and national martyr who was instrumental in the emergence of the Contemporary Greek Enlightenment. Under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, Velestino was known as Velestin and was a kaza (district), part of the Sanjak of Tirhalla (Province of present-day Trikala). Together with the rest of Thessaly, Velestino was ceded to Greece by the Treaty of Berlin (1878) and became the theater of one of the most historical battles of the Greco-Turkish War of 1897. Present-day Velestino is a modern town and the hub of considerable farming and livestock-raising activities due to the fertile lands surrounding it.
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Greek mountain tea from Velestino "Terra Ferea" 40g

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Meet the producer: Terra Ferea
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