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Greek red grape varieties with their distinctive characteristics are rarely encountered in other international varieties. Soft, light-bodied red wines from Peloponnese and Central Greece, more tannic and full- bodied from Northern Greece. Rich and complex aromas, ageing potential and colour palette varying from bright ruby red to deep purple and brick red.
Meet the producer: Costas Lazaridis Domain
Costas Lazaridis Domain

Domaine Costas Lazaridis, under the name Chateau Julia was founded in 1992 in Adriani, Drama. It is an evolution of a small family winery that started to produce small amounts in the early 80s . The privately owned vineyards of the estate extend in Drama and more specifically in Andriani community, embraced by the Falakro, Menikio and Paggaio Mountains . In our standard linear vineyard that reaches today 1,800 acres , the best known Greek and international varieties are cultivated. The soil, the ideal microclimate and the respect that is given to them, as we maintain low yields per acre, create the raw material of fine wines and spirits. The total area of ​​nearly 13,000 sq.m. includes a standard architectural winery, a distillery, underground aging cellars and reception areas. The winery is currently equipped with the most modern machineries: complete laboratory - workshop, pneumatic presses, stainless steel vinification and storage tanks with controlled temperature system, automatic bottling machines and the necessary underground air-conditioned rooms. The facilities also include a modern distillery where the finest grapes are distilled so as to give us their wonderful aromatic essences.

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The Prefecture of Drama is located in Eastern Macedonia and its history dates back to prehistoric times. The region came under the occupation of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the Bulgarians until it was finally liberated in 1916. In Drama you can find the Virgin Forest, which is one of the most important virgin forests in Europe and the only one in Greece. There are various types of trees, beech trees, pine trees, birches, willows and maple trees, along with rare wild vegetation and animals, running water, springs, caves, wetlands, gorges and geological formations.

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«Chateau Julia» Merlot Regional red wine of Drama "Domaine C. Lazaridis" 750ml

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Meet the producer: Costas Lazaridis Domain
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