Gluten-free products  are now part of our daily lives, as they give comprehensive solutions to people suffering from coeliac disease (a disease that causes inflammation in the small intestine), as well as to the most demanding gourmets who are looking for new flavorful experiences.

The proposals are numerous: Cereals with organic carob flour & buckwheat, walnuts & almonds , bread from buckwheat or Zeas with Gluten - free handmade tangerine jam , for an invigorating start to the day, natural gluten - free fig bar and Gluten - free & sugar - free traditional sesame seed bar with honey for a healthy snack during the day.

Gluten-free diet does not, by any means, demand food deprivation of any short, as the Mediterranean lunch may even include pasta, such as LasagnePenne or Kritharaki , all gluten-free! Moreover, the dinner is full of nutrients and can be ideally paired with a side salad topped with Cretan handmade carob rusks , cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, Smoked gluten- free mortadella and a flavorful handmade spreads .

Finally, we cannot forget about dessert proposals such as the Greek traditional sweet- spoons and juices in their most healthy version, like a refreshing handmade lemonade with agave, fresh spearmint & chia !

Choosing to follow a gluten-free diet is a pleasant change for which, however, the individual needs time to adapt to. You may initially feel deprivation due to the diet restrictions, especially if you have not presented any symptoms of gluten intolerance in the past. However, you may be pleasantly surprised not only by the amount of gluten-free products that are now available on the market, but also with the options you already had in your daily diet, such as, for example, Dried figs and Greek pistachios .

There are specialized deli shops, such as Yoleni's Flagship Store located in Solonos st, in Kolonaki, where visitors can find a variety of flavorful gluten-free foods. Enjoy!