The Olive tree has been a huge part of life in Greece since the ancient years. It is the core of the Greek Mediterranean Diet, it is connected with our culture, history, mythology and our tradition.

The Olive Oil is the only product that is not missing from any kitchen. We all think that we know everything about Olive Oil but in reality we don’t know it as well as we should. In the Olive Oil Bar we have the opportunity to "know" it better and discover its secrets.

The Olive Oil Bar by GAEA welcomes guests who want to learn, experience and truly enjoy the top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a comfortable place of high aesthetic value.

The seminar begins with a heart touching video that leaves a sweet sensation the visitor. Next comes the Olive Oil tasting by the glass and the Smelling Test. The aromas that emerge bring to memory the smell of freshly cut olives . Through the Hot Potato Test that follows and the tasting of selected products without and with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the participants can understand the difference. The surprise comes with the dessert that finds the visitor confronted with a challenge! Myths are busted and truths are reveled for example why the Olive Oil is the "perfect healing" (quoted by Hippocrates).

By the end of the seminar the participants have been educated on how to appreciate, distinguish and select high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive Oil Bar by GAEA is located in the 3rd floor at Yolenis Flagship Store (Solonos 9 Kolonaki) ready to take you to various taste trails.

We would like to thank our Great Sponsors and Supporters for their support: Zagori Mineral Water, Epiros Feta Cheese, Kayak Ice Cream, Bright Special Lighting.