Yoleni’s was proud to host a group of visiting students and professors from Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA, on May 18th 2015. Part of the overseas on-site visits at EU-based enterprises programme, Yoleni’s aim was to give insights of innovation in the e-commerce field.

After introducing Yoleni’s team, Montclair State University’s MBA students, went through every part of the company’s operations and quality assurance procedures. Special attention was given to the technology used in the packaging and delivery quality control of each Yoleni’s order, as well as the design concept beyond every Gift Basket. The latter was the most remarkable part of the visit: students participated in the preparation procedure of a Gift basket, witnessing first-hand “Yoleni’s experience” on the making!

Yoleni's Web Design Department Answers Questions To Montclair State UniversityYoleni's Welcomes Montclair State University

The second session of the visit, took place over a typical Greek family table, accompanied with authentic delicacies and refreshments. An informal round-table discussion over the field of marketing and the impact the agribusiness sector can have in the Greek economy.

Yoleni’s team is content to host such constructive discussions; only a few weeks before Yoleni’s official launch in the US market!

Yoleni's Hosts Montclair State University