In the 4th century BC Hippocrates taught that "your medicine is your food and your food is your medicine." Many years later, it turned out that the philosopher was absolutely right. Scientists are now trying to discover the natural foods that can contribute, not only to the prevention, but also to the cure of many diseases.

Let's start with garlic , which undoubtedly belongs to superfoods, as it has unique beneficial properties for our health, mainly thanks to its active ingredient allicin.

Garlic  is a natural remedy for pimples, as allicin has the ability to kill the bacteria that cause it. Garlic also protects against heart disease by contributing to the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL), it strengthens our stamina and reduces post workout fatigue.

We have also heard and read about the beneficial properties of Kozani saffron in the human body. Today, various studies have proven the positive effect of Krocus (as saffron is called in Greek) on patients with multiple sclerosis, especially as far as inflammation is concerned, ie the cause of the damage. Positive signs also appear in people with mild Alzheimer's.

Finally, honey promotes wound healing and has significant antimicrobial properties against fungi, viruses and about 60 kinds of germs. The properties of honey may be a result of, among other things, its low pH and of the action of hydrogen peroxide that it contains. Also, honey creates a kind of barrier or film that protects an open wound, such as various types of ulcers or even severe cases of acne.

It has also been reported that honey can help minimize scarring. Honey also has a positive effect on our immune system, limiting the production of free radicals, thanks to its flavonoids.

Therefore, these foods are described as superfoods because they contain a greater amount of nutrients than any other food! We totally suggest that you include them in your daily diet.