Jam  is an all-time favorite of adults and children alike. It is a traditional sweet that is made all year round, depending on fruit seasonality, in many parts of Greece.

It fills us with energy and it is ideally served as a spread on freshly- baked bread for breakfast, as a topping on authentic Greek yoghurt and much more. The choices are countless and unique: orange, chestnut & cinnamon jam from Chios , handmade Chian tangerine jam , handmade plum jam with rose water , and Handmade jam with three citrus fruits .

Jams are among the healthiest proposals to fight our appetite for something sweet. Their caloric value comes mainly from carbohydrates and is only 50 per teaspoon. Furthermore, at Yoleni's the consumer can explore even healthier suggestions such as: Gluten & sugar- free organic hippophae jam , authentic sugar-free strawberry jam , and gluten - free handmade lemon jam .

What is more, jam boasts a high fiber concentration, especially when it contains whole fruit pieces, such as the traditional kiwi, apple & banana jam , the traditional orange jam with lemon verbena & apple etc. Even if dietary fiber is essential for a child's health and proper development, it is often lacking in its nutrition, particularly when children don’t consume the recommended daily amount of fruit and salads. Therefore jam is a very good alternative for all children, in order to get the necessary fiber they need.

Finally, jam can be enjoyed not only in breakfast but also as an appetizer on a tray of cheese and cold cuts, with a bottle of wine. A great suggestion is strawberry jam with mint & peppertomato, orange & chili jam and handmade lemon jam with ginger & rose petals .

Whichever your culinary quests are, Yoleni's promises to satisfy even the most demanding... palate!