Since ancient times, cheese production in Greece was considered one of the most known and traditional sectors of activity. References of cheese production even exist in the Homeric Poems where Cyclops Polyphemus found that after a few days the milk was solidified and thus its life span was extended.

Nowadays, cheese is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and even more so of the Greek diet. One characteristic example is feta cheese , which is the main ingredient of the world-famous Greek salad.

In addition to feta cheese, however, Greece has to showcase an abundance of rich cheeses of high nutritional value made on both mainland Greece and the Greek islands. Most of these are PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) products. The choices are many: traditional Graviera from Crete, dry Mizithra from Arkadia, Melichloro from Lemnos, Kalathaki and Kaskavali from Lemnos, Manouri from Larissa, Ladotyri from Andros and cheese with herbs and spices from Thessaloniki.

Yoleni's Flagship store in Kolonaki offers its guests over 110 special cheese choices from all over Greece, always with the appropriate side dishes, as proposed by its experienced staff. Try white, soft cheese with a strawberry chutney with black pepper & balsamic vinegar, mature kasseri cheese with handmade Chian tangerine jam , but also Graviera with figs and nuts ! Finally, for healthy eating enthusiasts, we recommend a salad with rocket, melichloro cheese and organic raisins ! Kali orexi!