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An exceptional combination of aromatic herbs well known for their properties since antiquity. Ideal for those who want to lose weight without depriving themselves of vibrant flavours and superior aromatic fragrance. Three cups per day promote a diuretic effect, offer relief from digestive disorders, enhance weight loss, control blood sugar levels and accelerate metabolism. Carob, in particular, is considered an ideal weight loss supplement. Pure clean flavour with decent lemon notes and complex floral finish. Steep 2gr for 5 to 7 minutes in water just below the boiling point before pouring (950 C). If preferred, the tisane may be sweetened with honey. 1.41 oz. 40gr 20 teabags & 6 wooden sticks
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Prepared by boiling herbs, aromatic plants or roots in water and then consumed warm or cold, depending on your preferences. The rich and unique Greek flora offers a variety of plants that can turn into beverages that rejoice and refresh us. Served preferably in a porcelain cup with the addition of sugar or honey as a sweetener.
Meet the producer: Anassa Organics
Anassa Organics

Anassa is the Greek Earth. An earth swarming with rare, exquisite flavours and aromas, distinctive and ethereal, fit for a queen. Anassa, ‘queen’ in ancient Greek, was also a title bestowed upon someone unique, as a title of great honour. This unique Greek earth, its weather, soil and sunlight yields pure, authentic, fine products, unrivaled in taste and fragrance.

ANASSA ORGANICS selects finest quality Greek products of organic farming and produce of farmers who use traditional farming practices with the utmost respect andcommitment to the land.

Our selection of exceptional organic Greek herbs for teas, infusions, tisanes is just the beginning. Our research was time consuming; it required considerable thought and attention, so as to make use of scientific findings regarding a quality selection, the optimum one for the customer. It was driven by our belief that herbs should be defended; they are not a just fashion, but rather a passion, a way of life. Anassa Organics came out of passion. Our love and passion for herbs. We consider it an attitude to select, prepare and enjoy a beverage sourced from organic Greek herbs. Brewing and serving an ANASSA ORGANICS herbal tea becomes a ritual, one providing a buoyant enjoyment, a rare quality experience, an exultation of spirit, a joie de vivre.

Discover and share the flavours and fragrances of ANASSA ORGANICS Greek herbs When enjoying our ANASSA ORGANICS infusions, we sincerely hope that you may feel and enjoy our hearty, keen enthusiasm, the joy and pleasure we envisioned to offer in our products as much as we have.

WHY ANASSA ORGANICS Do open an ANASSA ORGANICS package! You will be first met with an unexpected aroma; a natural fragnance that flows out and overwhelms you. You realize that you are about to enjoy a packaged purity; authentic, quality herbs, all genuine products generously provided by the warm, sunny, fertile Greek land.

Tradition & Scientific research In our effort to combine an old tradition with recent scientific achievements, we sought professional advice from a panel of academics on how to address our goal best. Our purpose was to ensure product quality at all stages, from proper cultivation of herbs to the final result in the cup of a most demanding consumer. The findings of the scientific study were evaluated so as to ensure that the final result will make all the difference. With much thought and attention we considered what Greek herbs are the most important, the regions they thrive in, how they should be grown and collected and how to be packed so as to retain colours, fragnances, taste and beneficial properties in full. And also, in accordance with the guidance provided, what combinations are best suited for different activities and in in what proportions (herbs in blends).

Packaging Greek nature Try one of ANASSA ORGANICS products! See, feel and then taste the difference of our colourful, aromatic and medicinal herbs! Our innovative way of serving offers the opportunity to enjoy this great taste everywhere. To be part of the process, the interacting ritual, the substantial quality interruption from a daily routine. This is a gift to yourself. Participate in the process, select leaves and fruits with care and fill the bag to prepare your drink. Besides herbs, the package also contains biodegradable, chlorine-free filters, enough for the posology of the doses corresponding to the contents, along with wooden sticks to support them in your mug. Thus, we are proud to present the marriage of a revered tradition tradition of unique flavours with a modern innovative way of serving!

Each of the 16 species of herbs offered, separately or in blends, was selected after a thorough investigation and is certified for highest quality. The valuable contribution of distinguished specialists is easily detected in our products. ANASSA ORGANICS offers bulk loose leaf herbs with the greatest aromatic and beneficial ingredients; and also, formulated blends offered in carefully selected proportions depending on the action and desired result. All our products are organic and packaged in a way to prevent deterioration of herbs; to maintain and protect the best herbs that the Greek land has to offer; to guarantee our quality commitment, our customers satisfaction and well-being.

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Visit the region: Attica

Attica was first inhabited during the Neolithic era and it has always had a central role in the historical events of Greece. Its mythical past is also of particular interest, since it was the city favoured most by the twelve Olympian gods. During ancient times, Athens, and Attiki in general was a great economic, political, intellectual and cultural force, culminating during the "Golden Age of Pericles".The Acropolis of Athens was built during that time, along with the architectural monuments of the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis and many other great buildings.The Peloponnesian War, the expansion of Alexander the Great’s empire, the Roman occupation, the spreading of Christianity, the Byzantines' contempt, the arrival of the Francs, Catalans and Venetians, and finally the period of the Ottoman occupation, all marked the history of Attiki, right up to the year 1834, when Athens was nominated capital, of the finally independent Greek state.

The landscape of Attiki is characterized by the Athenian blue sky, the sun and the glorious shades that the sunset brings out on its stone mass.Also worth mentioning, are the mountains that surround the basinof Attiki with their characteristic vegetation, the national parks, the forest of Kessariani, the wetlands of Mesogeia and the beautiful sandy beaches. One can also spot native and migratory birds, visit countless archaeological sites and walk along the narrow streets of the picturesque area of Plaka, admiring the balconies of its magnificent neoclassical buildings.

In Greek Mythology, legend goes that Dionysus, god of wine and merrymaking, entrusted the inhabitants of Attica with the cultivation of the grapevine and the art of winemaking. The terroir of Mesogia, Attica, renowned for its wines, is Greece’s oldest. It is where the celebrated grape variety “Savvatiano” is grown and where Retsina, the queen of Attica wines, reigns supreme. Retsina is under a Traditional Appellation certification as its unique, traditional traits guarantee a product of special taste and true Greek character. Apart from Mesogia, the region of Attica also includes the area of Piraeus which is Greece’s and the eastern Mediterranean’s largest port celebrated for its strategic and trading significance since ancient times. Today, it is Greece’s and the Greek economy’s largest hub of commercial activities and has the highest passenger traffic among European ports. The Prefecture of Attica is often a preferred destination for visitors as it combines countless, breathtaking vistas with a wide range of entertainment and culinary choices

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Blend of organic herbs «Pure Symmetry» from Attica "Anassa Organics" 40g

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A combination of organic aromatic Greek herbs (mint, carob, lemon balm, sage) offering relief from digestive disorders accelerating the metabolism. Ideal for those who want to lose weight. Pure clean flavour with decent lemon notes and complex floral finish Caffeine-free, with no artificial fragrances 20 teabags & 6 wooden sticks
Meet the producer: Anassa Organics
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