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Product Description
Pre-baked rusk from whole wheat barley, yeast, barley malt, & extra virgin olive oil. Handmade Rich in proteins Without preservatives Dietary fibers Low saturated fat Low sugar
Wheat flour Whole grain barley flour (19%) Leaven (Wheat flour, water) Salt Yeast Barley malt Water Olive Oil
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Product History
A rusk is a food that we encounter from the ancient times until today. Its a form of dry and crunchy bread that has received twice the usual exposure to fire (in a stove). Its recipe resulted from the need of rural families, where the wife was also busy in being involved in agricultural work, was not able to knead fresh bread on a daily basis. Therefore, she used to knead a large quantity of bread once, which was then consumed fresh as long as it could last (2-3 days) and the rest was roasted a second time in the oven, in order to expel excess moisture and last even more. There is a large variety of rusks that are produced from different kinds of flours. Made with simple ingredients, rusks have a high nutritional value as they contain plenty of fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E, and micronutrients.
Meet the producer: Dourountous Bakery
Dourountous Bakery

The story of the home-based industry "The Bakery of Dourountous" began a few generations ago. Grandmother Anna went to Sfakia in Chania, in Crete in order to get married and she took along with her, the secrets of her cooking. She passed all these precious secrets, on to her daughters and these in turn to their children. So, today's generation, having the traditional recipes of Grandmother Anna at hand, charts its own course in the production of Cretan bakery. Respecting the family tradition, focusing on the selection of ingredients, adhering to modern principles of hygiene and certification, it aims to teach everyone the true meaning of - "a rusk from Sfakia".

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Visit the region: Chania

The Prefecture of Chania is on the west end of Crete which is Greece’s largest island in the southern part of the country. The prefecture is divided into five provinces (Apokoronas, Kissamos, Kydonia, Selino, and Sfakia). Its capital, Chania, is a picturesque spellbinding city. The prefecture’s terrain is mostly mountainous as most of its surface is covered by the spectacular, awe-inspiring White Mountains which captivate visitors with their pristine beauty, snow-capped peaks, and spellbinding vistas.The entire prefecture Chania county is characterized by a rich variety of landscapes - inaccessible canyons, cliffs, caves, mountains and forests of exceptional natural beauty, streams and inviting beaches with crystal clear water.

For visitors, a tour around the villages of Chania is a once-in-a-lifetime experience: the prefecture is literally dotted with countless, traditional housing clusters which, untouched and unchanged by Time, retain most of the characteristics of yore, showcasing strongly those cultural elements that make Crete a land like no other. Cretan hospitality, Crete’s distinctive and vibrant cuisine, and traditions handed down from generation to generation, all promise an unforgettable experience. Chania’s history is a long and significant one, with a great number of archaeological monuments and extant structures corroborating to Chania’s absorbing and varied past. Chania enjoyed great economic power during the period of the Minoan civilization, followed by the Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman occupation.The city of Chania is the capital of Greece and has preserved its centuries-old historical legacy almost intact. Many have been the scientists, philosophers, poets, and artists who, drawn by the city’s magical ambiance at one time or another, turned it into a cultural hub.

Just like the rest of Crete, Chania is inextricably linked to the celebrated Mediterranean Diet. It is a blessed, practically autonomous, land with a vast diversity in its flora and fauna. It is that very diversity which, extending its bounty to Chania, has turned into the very model of the Cretan diet. Wholesome products of the finest quality create the base of the area’s traditional cuisine where the flavors of the local dishes’ ingredients are not compromised by the excessive use of spices and condiments. The key elements of the Cretan diet are extra virgin olive oil, wild greens, vegetables, legumes, fish, meat, wine, and tsikoudia. To that, a bewildering variety of artisanal cheeses such as Cretan graviera yellow cheese, anthotyro soft white cheese, and mizithra are added. Yogurt and honey come to complete this health-oriented fare which, delicious and wholesome, calls out for visitors to sample it again and again

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Ηandmade barley rusks from Crete "Douroudous Bakery" 600g

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Pre-baked rusk from whole wheat barley, yeast, barley malt, & extra virgin olive oil.

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Meet the producer: Dourountous Bakery
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