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Small, soft and delicious, loukoumi bites ideally accompany your Greek coffee and are considered to be a typical treat in the orthodox monasteries. In Greece, they are found in the early 19th century, when the Greeks added their own touch and ideas (such as mastic), making it an exceptional part of Greek tradition. Famous are the loukoumi bites of Chios, Syros, Thrace, Rhodes, Patras, each with its own distinct character.
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Agrinio is the biggest city of Aitoloakarnania and its history dates back to the prehistoric period. In the 4th century BC, the battles between the Aitolians and Akarnanians took place there, and in 314 BC it was totally destroyed. It reappeared in the 12th century as the Despotato of Epirus and subsequently passed into the hands of the Serbs, the Albanians and finally the Turks, until 1853. The natural landscape of the region is characterised by the Panaitoliko Mountain with its many peaks, Lake Trichonida and the River Acheloos, which runs through the fields of Agrinio.
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Traditional blended loukoumi bites (Turkish delight) «The Tourlou Sisters» from Agrinio "Bariamis" 250g

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