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Product History
Cookies or biscuits go back thousands of years. Essentially they were a kind of food that looked like bread, but were able to be kept fresh for a long period of time. Today, there is a multitude of cookie recipes, where flour and sugar are the main ingredients and are found mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, honey, butter, olive oil, nuts, fruits, chocolate, cereals etc. These small crispy pastries captivate young and old alike and are a great snack- accompaniment to our breakfast, afternoon tea or coffee.
Meet the producer: Hamada Acorn Initiative
Hamada Acorn Initiative
Hamada is the Kean word for the well- known giant acorn cups collected annually for exportation to leather European tanneries. Following a 49 year gap, Acorn cups are now being collected and sold again: almost 65000kgs have been collected and exported since 2012. The annual cup exportation is annually organized by the Hamada Acorn Initiative which aims to restore the acorn as a key element of the local Kean economy. What is more, the Initiative is the organizer of annual acorn harvesting, storing & processing educational seminars in Greece and California. The Kean Acorn Festival is sponsored by the Hamada Acorn Initiative.
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Acorn cookies from Kea "Αcorn Cookies" 300g

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Product code: 002543 Gross Weight 572g
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Meet the producer: Hamada Acorn Initiative