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Calliope Olives is a premium product, offering Kalamata olives from Mount Pelion, Greece. Its premium quality is centered around the meticulous harvesting method which includes a two-level quality control, its superior tasting experience, the uniqueness of the setting our olives are sourced from, and the limited quantity of our olives packaged and brought to market. The target audience is customers seeking high-quality Kalamata olives, who appreciate the difference in taste between a premium and standard olive, are intrigued by the location and harvesting method Calliope olives come from, and celebrate the effort put in in handpicking those olives one-by-one. Calliope Olives can be on the table of every Kalamata olives enthusiast, can introduce new audiences in this superfood category, and can also be a thoughtful, symbolic, practical personal gift or part of a corporate gift basket.
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Olives are considered to be the most important fruit in the Mediterranean. A symbol of peace, serenity, fertility and rebirth, the olive tree truly is a “gift from god“. Since ancient times, the olive tree was awe- inspiring due to its capacity to never dry out: new shoots sprout from the dry trunks and in this way, the tree is regenerated once again. In Greece, several varieties of edible olives can be found, namely the olives from Kalamata, Amfissa, Thasos etc. The color (green, brown-violet, black) depends on the degree of ripeness of the fruit. Scientific studies have confirmed the high nutritional value and the antioxidant action of edible olives, as they are rich in fiber, minerals, monosaturated fats and vitamin E.
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Built at the foot of Pilion and into the Gulf of Pagasitikos, the city of Volos stands out for the harmonious combination of mountain and sea and its vitality. According to Greek mythology, the mountains of Pilion are considered to have been the homeland of the mythical Centaurs, while Volos is identified with the mythical city Iolkos, where the Argonautic Expedition began. The region has been inhabited since the early prehistoric period, with constant human presence. It experienced remarkable economic and spiritual growth during the 18th century, while today it hosts one of the largest harbours of the country. Wild nature with canyons and gullies, dense vegetation with changing colours, beech, oak, pine, plane, and chestnut trees along with fir trees, apple trees and olive trees that stretch right up to the coast. Beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and settlements of Pilion architecture, cobbled streets, magnificent mansions and quaint taverns, all make up the landscape of the wider region.

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Whole premium Kalamata olives in brine, from Mount Pelion "Calliope" 330g

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Product code: 010354 Gross Weight 390g
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Calliope Olives is a premium product, offering Kalamata olives from Mount Pelion, Greece.
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