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Spoon- sweets are fruit or vegetables cooked and preserved in sugar syrup. Their name derives from the quantity of the sweet when served: it is as much as a teaspoon could fit! Even today, spoon- sweets are a traditional treat and the main treat to welcome a visitor in a Greek home. Either served with a glass of iced water and a cup of coffee, or over ice cream or yogurt, they are just delightful.
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The region of Imathia attracts tourists all year round: here you can enjoy snowy slopes and surging rivers in the winter, fragrant flowers and herbs in spring, cool water fountains and shady trees in summer and mountain paths strewn with fallen leaves in autumn. Ancient monuments, such as the oldest Neolithic settlement in Europe in Nea Nicomedia, the royal tombs and unique archaeological findings in Vergina, the School of Aristotle−where Alexander the Great spent his childhood as a student of the great philosopher− byzantine buildings, monasteries and churches decorated with magnificent wall-paintings and other murals of Saints and traditional neighbourhoods of popular architecture are all evidence of the region's glorious history throughout the course of time.

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Rose spoon-sweet from Imathia "Rodonia" 250g

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