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Product Description
The prosciutto of Stremmenos cold cut factory, is produced from specially selected ham. Its processing is conducted in the traditional way. The meat is cut and then salted. It remains refrigerated for 3 months, and then placed in special maturing areas. These areas have the perfect conditions for this process to take place, with the temperature set to 12-14 degrees Celsius. Prosciutto is generally consumed raw, in very thin slices with some freshly ground pepper.
100% pork meat, salt, sodium nitrate and ascorbic acid.
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Product History
References of cold cuts in Greece, can be found from ancient times until today. The need to more efficiently preserve their meat due to the lack of refrigerators, led the older generations to think of new ways of doing so and thus cold cuts were created. Salted, boiled or smoked, with various herbs or spices, each region has its own meats and the variations we discover are directly related to the local tradition and culture.
Meet the producer: Stremmenos

In 1991 Christos Stremmenos, former ambassador of Greece in Rome and professor of physical chemistry at Bologna University was inspired by the famous cold cuts of Parma. As a result, he decided to set up a small but modern cold cut factory in Proussos village in Evrytania. With the help of his family and with a team of young people trained in Italy's cold cut factories, he managed to produce a prosciutto with a Greek identity, worthy of Italian prosciutto. Prosciutto, salami and other products of natural maturation from this cold cut factory, are strongly characterized by the area they are produced in - the cool mountain breeze, the scent of the many fir and plane trees in the area, along with the constant humidity in the air, throughout the year. The result is a series of products of high culinary value, combining Greek and Italian tradition.

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Visit the region: Euritania

The dominant mountains, waters, springs and waterfalls, the steep gorges and hillsides, the dense flora and forests consisting of fir, pine and deciduous trees, will definitely catch your eye with their beauty. On the other hand, Euritania is full of traditional villages and historical monasteries. Euritania was named after king Eurytus, who is said to have been a great archer in his time. In the past, the people of Euritania were very famous warriors and were considered to be the most powerful and hard-core people of the area. The rough and difficult-to-reach landscape of this place, probably played an important role in the development of strong and skilful warriors. The people of Euritania fought many times in the past, but also during the Byzantine era, the Turkish occupation and also during the more recent Greek history.

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Greek prosciutto in slices «Akrokolion» from Euritania "Stremmenos Delicatessen" 70g

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A delicious cold cut with an unbelievable fine taste and flavour!

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Meet the producer: Stremmenos
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