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Product History
Rice feeds the human population since ancient times. It is said that rice was brought in Greece and in Europe by the soldiers who returned from Alexander the Great's campaign in China and thus gradually spread throughout the world. It contains complex carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins and vitamins. It is highly digestible and does not contain gluten. In Greece, rice is cultivated mainly in the deltas of rivers and in coastal areas. It is a food that is easily combined with other flavors such as meat, legumes, as a filling, in risotto recipes or even in sushi , thus offering an inexhaustible variety to choose from!
Meet the producer: Agrimon
Agrimon's mission is to discover the best producers in Greece and, after careful quality controls, to pack their products at the best prices and packaging in the market. Combining the important characteristics of Greek food products with modern methods of production and distribution control, the company manages to ensure excellent products with a unique flavor, which it then promotes to the market with the highest assurances and certifications. The production of this family business from Serres, Northern Greece includes about 100 products from basic food groups such as legumes, rice, traditional pasta, aromatic herbs, spoon sweets and jams!
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The residents of Serres are proud of their region's natural beauty and rich history, and that not without reason. The city of Serres, which was built on one of the major crossroads in Europe, became a "passage" for many peoples and cultures throughout history. It managed to survive as an amalgam of East and West. The first mention of the city dates back to the 5th century BC and one century later Serres had become one of the greatest cities of the Byzantine Empire. Since then, Serres came under the power of the Frank Crusaders, the Bulgarians, the Serbs and the Turks, until it was liberated in 1913. Thanks to its central geographical position, Serres was a major trade and cultural centre, where education and the written word flourished. The landscape of the region is a combination of stunning images: magical lakes, endless rivers, rare aquatic birds and animals, snow covered mountain peaks, dense forests, caves, steep gorges and thermal springs.

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Risotto classico from Serres "Agrimon" 400g

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Meet the producer: Agrimon
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