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Tagliatelle, those long, flat ribbons of pasta, are intensely used in traditional Greek cooking, lending their graceful litheness to a dizzying array of dishes. "Andritsena", the traditional pasta workshop located in Andritsena, Ilia, makes homemade tagliatelle with local fresh eggs and cow's milk. Let your "Andritsena" tagliatelle mingle in a hamburger dish topped with oodles of grated myzithra cheese. Give them a home in a vegetable sauce. Allow them to jostle against mushrooms and prociutto, antagonize veal cuts luxurious in a red sauce, perk up chicken in wine sauce, or get cozy in a dish of assorted baked cheeses.
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Product History
In the old days, in the villages of Greece, pasta was usually made during the summer, when it was dried out in a natural way and kept in the house cellar in order to be served in the winter. It was considered one of the easiest food to make and a simple solution to feed a large and hungry family. Greek traditional pasta vary depending on the region, shape, size and way of cooking. Plain, with cheese, with some sauce on top, with meat, in soups or even in pies, pasta is a food that everyone enjoys no matter the recipe!
Meet the producer: Andritsaina
Staying true to family values and tradition, “Andritsaina”, originating from the homonymous historical area, has been combining, since 2006, the Greek tradition, pure ingredients, modern food technology and experienced human resources to create its pure pasta, as our grandparents have done since the early 19th century! The production process takes place in new modern facilities, with zero compromise on the quality of the final products. Starting from the raw materials, with constant checks to ensure their purity and freshness, “Andritsaina” pasta recipes are a well- sealed, family secret! Finally, the company holds an ISO 22000 certificate for its facilities, but also for the human potential, the basis of its production process.
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Visit the region: Ilia

It is the area where the Olympic Games were born. Right up to this day, the Olympic Games are idolized and are an inspiration to people all over the world. The Prefecture of Elea in the Peloponnese looks like an amazing puzzle; the natural landscape is made up of so many different images. These tell a story of its century-old history. The location and natural wealth of the area all contributed to its development, in both trade and culture. Although it has been inhabited since pre-historic times, it was only during the 8th century B.C. that it flourished, due to the great reputation of the Olympian Sanctuary. Many conquerered this land over the centuries (Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Ottomans), right up to its liberation in 1825. The natural landscape is characterized by the many sandy coasts, stunning beaches and most impressive pine forests. There are valleys with rushing streams, wetlands and thermal baths. The picturesque villages, the ancient oak tree forest of Foloi, ancient places of worship and Sanctuaries, as well as Byzantine monasteries, all make up this magnificent area.

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«Lasagne» traditional pasta from Ilia "Andritsena" 500g

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A traditional pasta from Peloponnese's mountain region!
Meet the producer: Andritsaina
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