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Product Description
The ecosystem of Crete, full of pine trees and aromatic thyme bushes, offers the ideal environment for the production of a very special honey; a honey with a beautiful amber colour, rich thyme aromas and a strong, authentic flavour. "Meligyris” is a company located in Heraklion’s village of Arkalochori, in Crete. Manolis Stefanakis, the founder of "Meligyris”, is a producer who leaves nothing to chance. When asked, he compares this particular honey to that of the Minoan Era, because of the honey’s steady taste and unperturbed flavor. Manolis Stefanakis collects and standardizes his honey in as careful a way as possible to ensure that it remains pure and retains its precious sensory traits. The fragrances of this pine & forest honey are evocative of Greek summers in the countryside and offer a complex bouquet. Amber-colored, this honey is characterized by intensity, authentic taste, and a caressing, velvety texture. Lose yourself in this sweet and nutritional world of a Greek product that brings you close to the Greek land and tradition in the most delicious of ways.

General Tips
  • Never use a spoon that has come into contact with your mouth to scoop any honey from the jar again as saliva enzymes alter the honey's composition and structure.
  • Crystallization is one of the characteristics of honey. It is a completely natural process during which the honey takes on a semi-solid state. It is a biological phenomenon of natural, raw honey, which does not alter its nutritional properties. Crystallization is observed in almost all types of honey at different times for each variety. We can easily liquefy the honey again by immersing the jar in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.
How To Enjoy
Stir a spoonful of honey in your tea or coffee instead of reach for the empty calories of sugar. Slather some good butter on toast and top it with honey. Drizzle some honey into your Greek yogurt or ice cream or create a wholesome snack by mixing it with dried figs and nuts.
Storage Instructions
Honey should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from any exposure to humidity, light, or and heat. Keep the lid firmly closed as honey can absorb external odors which destroy its discrete aromas.
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Product History
References of honey can be found in ancient times, where it seemed to hold a special place in daily diet. Ancient Greeks believed that honey was the food of the Gods of Olympus (Nectar of the Gods). According to Greek mythology, Zeus was brought up with honey, by nymph Melissa at Diktaion Andron cave. Also, during the Byzantine period, honey was one of the main parts of the diet in monasteries. Today, the world-acclaimed Mediterranean Diet and particularly the Cretan Diet consider honey to be the main and healthiest sweetener. A symbol of fertility and well-being, the nutritional value of honey is undeniably great. Honey contains simple sugars which are directly absorbed by the body, making it a quick source of energy. It also contains vitamins and precious micronutrients.
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Honey from Crete with pine & thyme "Meligyris" 450g

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A Greek, raw honey that is collected in the old-fashioned traditional ways in the area of Heraklion, Crete: Get ready to spell "Sweet pleasure”!