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Ourania Mousseti, in Northern Evia, uses the dried figs from the famous fig trees of her region, to make a special nougat with honey. She kneads the figs into a paste and mixes them with honey, nuts and various herbs. She then shapes them into sticks and covers them with roasted sesame seeds. It is a wonderful sweet, made without sugar, ideal as an energy bar for every hour of the day. If you slice it, you can use it to garnish ice-cream, fruit salads or combine it to a cheese platter.
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Product History
Pasteli is a Greek traditional type of nougat based on sesame and honey, known and loved since ancient times. The basic recipe for pasteli with honey indicates that the honey should be boiled and then mixed carefully with sesame seeds to tie in well together. After the mixture is formed, it's left to cool down and then cut into pieces. Pasteli is ideally restorative and nutritious, as it contains vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Pastelis are distinguished between soft-boiled and crispy (if sesame seeds are dominant). Today, there can be found several variations with nuts, dried fruit, etc.
Meet the producer: Mousseti

In the region of Taxiarchis in Northern Evia, Ourania Mouseti has, for the past 7 years, a home-based industry for the processing of figs. The region is famous for the quality of its figs and Ourania Mouseti takes advantage of this highly nutritious fruit, in the best possible way. She carefully picks the figs from her own fig orchards, dries them in the sunlight in a natural way, by spreading them out on wooden planks. She then packs them, or makes "sykomaides" and fig nougat with honey.

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The history of the region, dates way back to ancient times. Throughout the 2500 years of its recorded history, starting from the Neolithic era, this region witnessed many conquerors - Spartans, Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Venetians and Ottomans.In terms of its natural landscape, Evia Island is a combination of the absolutely wonderful lush green mountains and the sapphire blue water of the sea which surrounds it – a unique combination indeed! The stunning beaches, the deep blue sea with its redeeming qualities, all mingle with the majestic and imposing presence of the mountain - the rich forested peaks, the olives trees, fig trees and fir trees are all awe-inspiring!
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Handmade nougat with honey, from Evia "Mousseti" 100g

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A different home-made nougat with honey!
Meet the producer: Mousseti
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