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Product History
In the old days, in the villages of Greece, pasta was usually made during the summer, when it was dried out in a natural way and kept in the house cellar in order to be served in the winter. It was considered one of the easiest food to make and a simple solution to feed a large and hungry family. Greek traditional pasta vary depending on the region, shape, size and way of cooking. Plain, with cheese, with some sauce on top, with meat, in soups or even in pies, pasta is a food that everyone enjoys no matter the recipe!
Meet the producer: Royal Food
Royal Food
Royal Food is a small pasta workshop. The company established in 2016 in Chalkida, Evia island. We believe that quality is the only guarantee that can ensure the healthy viability of a business. To ensure the quality we insist on choosing the best raw materials, allowing superior quality products, high nutritional value and taste. We treat our customers with respect by applying a consistent and strict production processes in order to safeguard their trust in our company.
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Visit the region: Evia Island
Evia Island
The history of the region, dates way back to ancient times. Throughout the 2500 years of its recorded history, starting from the Neolithic era, this region witnessed many conquerors - Spartans, Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Venetians and Ottomans.In terms of its natural landscape, Evia Island is a combination of the absolutely wonderful lush green mountains and the sapphire blue water of the sea which surrounds it – a unique combination indeed! The stunning beaches, the deep blue sea with its redeeming qualities, all mingle with the majestic and imposing presence of the mountain - the rich forested peaks, the olives trees, fig trees and fir trees are all awe-inspiring!
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«Fusilli» traditional pasta with olive spread & garlic from Evia "Macareux" 400g

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Meet the producer: Royal Food
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