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Extra virgin olive oil is the purest form of oil that comes straight from the olive trees, without having undergone industrial processing. It has a strong fruity taste and the distinct aroma of freshly cut olives. A pleasant bitterness and a short- term burning sensation in the esophagus can be present. With a striking 75% of Greek olive oil production to be extra virgin, Greece holds the first position worldwide in its production. Expressed in oleic acid, Extra Virgin Olive oil is the olive oil whose acidity does not exceed 0.8%. Acidity is one of the main criteria for the olive oil quality and the lower the acidity, the higher the quality.
Meet the producer: Yanni’s Olive Grove
Yanni’s Olive Grove

Early Harvest Extra virgin - Agourelaio Chalkidikis according to certificates by the University of Athens presents high levels of oleocanthal and oleacein and is considered as one of the healthiest extra virgin olive oils in Greece.YANNI’S OLIVE GROVE having faith in the stability of the quality continues to produce high quality EVOOs for the harvest year 2015-2016 YANNI’S LIMITED PDO CHALKIDIKI had oleocanthal content (444 mg/Kg) and oleacein (340mg/Kg) and YANNI’S FINEST had oleocanthal content (655 mg/Kg) and oleacein (345mg/Kg). A clinical study performed in US Davis California by researchers from the University of California Davis Department of Nutrition and the United States Department of Agriculture Western Human Nutrition Research Center Obesity and Metabolism Research Unit. The whole study was financially supported by the Greek food company GAEA and the Greek Foundation. According to the EU regulation 432/2012 the Daily consumption of 20 gr of an analyzed high phenolic extra virgin olive oil offers >5 mg of hydroxytyrosol derivatives and belongs to the oil category of EVOOs that protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress if a healthy living and a balanced diet are followed. It is a unique single-varietal green early harvest extra virgin olive oil. It has intense fruity aroma, slightly bitter taste and gentle pungent aftertaste. Produced from the local variety of GALANI CHALKIDIKI. GALANI in Greek means light blue. It is a balanced EVOO with low acidity, bright green colour and exceptional organoleptic characteristics. We recommend that it is consumed by the family both raw and in cooking. It is highly recommended for children because of its smooth taste while it retains all the beneficial components of a green early harvest extra virgin olive oil, which are necessary for the proper development of children.

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The peninsula of Chalkidiki is located in Northern Greece - in Central Macedonia. The particular shape of the peninsula looks like three open outstretched fingers, each forming a smaller peninsula - Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos (Mount Athos). According to historical data, Chalkidiki was colonized in the 8th century by Chalkians and Eretrians. There are records of it in the history of the Persian Wars, the Athenian alliance, during the time of the Macedonians, the Romans and Byzantium, right until this day. Chalkidiki is famous for its natural beauty, since it boasts about its lush vegetation, running waters, springs, lakes, creeks and beaches with crystal clear water surrounded by green forests with century-old trees. Its villages, mountainous or coastal, are particularly picturesque with a strong element of traditional architecture.

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Extra virgin olive oil «Family» from Chalkidiki "Yannis" Tin 500ml

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Meet the producer: Yanni’s Olive Grove
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