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“Dolopia” has conjured up a tasty spread by combining ripe tomatoes, Florina sweet red peppers, and Katiki Domokou cheese (a PDO creamy white cheese from Domokos, Fthiotida). Create an awesome platter of breadsticks, potato chips, and veggie sticks with a bowl of spread with tomato, red pepper & Katiki cheese as the proud centerpiece dip or use it as a filling or spread for imaginative sandwiches or canapés for a buffet that will “steal the show”.
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Product History
Spreads, prepared with simple yet tasty ingredients in unique combinations, are the ideal accompaniment to salty or sweet snacks or even vegetables.
Meet the producer: Dolopia

Vasilis Biskanakis and his Austrian origin wife are two young people who decided to turn to the past, to be inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of previous generations and create products of modern aesthetics. Their deep love and nostalgia for old-fashioned flavours were the reasons for the establishment of Dolopia, a plant producing handmade pasta, mezé, jams and sweets. "Dolopia" products make use of the agricultural production of the wider region and are characterized by the harmonious combination of the traditional with the modern. The result is simply impressive.

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Visit the region: Fthiotida

In the prefecture of Fthiotida the visitor encounters a magnificent mountainous nature (high mountains with fir forests, pinewoods, conifers, planes, national parks, gorges, waterfalls, Alpine lakes, plateaux), but also fertile plains, picturesque villages and archaeological sites. There are historical references on the region of Fthiotida in mythology. As indicated from the archaeological discoveries in a lot of settlements, the region has been inhabited since the neolithic period (6000-2800 BC). The location of the prefecture was of strategic importance, as it constituted the passage from Northern to Southern Greece and vice versa. In Fthiotida the first "Amfiktyonia" was founded, a kind of Union of ancient Greek states. Great cities were founded in the region along the centuries, like Lamia, Ipati, Thermopylae and historical battles took place there, such as: the battle of Thermopylae (480 BC), the battle of Spercheios during the Byzantine times (995 AD), the battle of Alamana (1821).

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Τomato, red pepper & «Katiki» cheese spread, from Fthiotida "Dolopia" 250g

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The spread to end all spreads: tomatoes, red peppers, and Katiki Domokou P.D.O. cheese!

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Meet the producer: Dolopia
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