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Bright color, aromatic, refreshing, smooth. The velvet, creamy version of Limoncello is created by adding milk to the final stage of the production process. Served chilled before or after a meal, as an imaginative cocktail base and also a perfect ingredient in your sweet creations.
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Spoon- sweets are fruit or vegetables cooked and preserved in sugar syrup. Their name derives from the quantity of the sweet when served: it is as much as a teaspoon could fit! Even today, spoon- sweets are a traditional treat and the main treat to welcome a visitor in a Greek home. Either served with a glass of iced water and a cup of coffee, or over ice cream or yogurt, they are just delightful.
Meet the producer: Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets
Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets
The history of Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets begins in 2005 by Konstantinos Lazaris. Inspired by the kumquat fruit, both he and his team passionately continue the island’s culinary history. Their products are handmade, produced in small batches and are steeped in Corfiot history and sophistication. Both in their distillery and confectionery manufacturing facility, their skilled artisans, based on the traditional Ionian recipes, are constantly innovating and experimenting with new delicious combinations. Lazaris products are made with pure raw materials without chemical preservatives. In particular, their sweets are fat-free and enjoyable at all times by all ages. Their packaging stands out for the fashionable design and modern aesthetics.
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The nature of the island of Corfu is considered more than unique! This island of the Ionian Sea is lush in vegetation and very rich in both flora and fauna. The olive groves, vines, citrus trees, orchards, the dense vegetation, but also the beautiful, indented coastline with the golden sandy beaches, embellish the island. The natural colours and aromas, all blend harmoniously and can absolutely justify why the island is known as the "lady of the Ionian". The presence of the island has been historically testified since ancient times. It was actually known as the mythical land of the Phaeacians in ‘Odyssey’. During its course through history, it was conquered by the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, English and the French. It was the Venetians though who had the greatest impact on the island's modern character and culture. The old Venetian buildings, fortresses, churches, squares and the Achilleion Palace, all take us on a trip through the glorious past of the island, helping us to discover the charming and elegant characteristics of it.

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Crema di limoncello liquore from Corfu "Lazaris" 50ml

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The velvet, creamy version of Limoncello is created by adding milk to the final stage of the production process.
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