By helping our children acquire the proper dietary habits from their early development stages, we automatically contribute to their good health throughout life. The family’s eating habits and nutritional choices play a decisive role. Organic foodsgluten free snacks and products for energy are only a few secrets for the development of healthier habits.

For the beginning of the day, cereals with organic buckwheat, currants, cranberries, sunflower seeds & walnuts , as well as cereals with organic quinoa, currants, walnuts & sesame are an ideal choice for breakfast before school.

Legumes such as lentils and chickpeasnuts such as unsalted almonds and walnuts, tahini and peanut butter are foods rich in magnesium, which allow our children to better concentrate and stay mentally alert. Moreover, the traditional kids pasta with buffalo milk are an ideal calcium-rich pasta that helps children develop a healthy and strong skeleton, teeth and bones. Besides… pasta is a child’s favorite choice!

What is more, the gluten and sugar- free sesame seed bar with honey , rich in vitamin E, calcium, iron and omega fatty acids, as well as dried figs , provide the necessary nutrients for optimal development - both physical and spiritual - of children.

Finally, even if sweets should not be used as a reward for our children, they shouldn’t be totally forbidden either. Desserts such as dark chocolate bars with hazelnut & raisins , dark chocolate with Greek pistachios , organic cinnamon biscuits , apart from having energy- boosting ingredients, are definitely the best substitutes to sugar and artificial colorings- filled sweets!

Let's give a good example to our children, both in words and in deeds. Don’t forget that healthy habits adopted now will be there forever!