Olive oil , which derived from the sacred (as it was characterized in the past) olive tree, is considered to be a valuable food thanks to its high nutritional value. Personally, I find Greeks to be lucky to have the choice of finding good quality olive oil at a good price.

Good fats, polyphenols as well as the high concentration of vitamin E make it a precious food for our health. Monounsaturated fats turn it into a shield for the heart . After all, health organizations worldwide, as well as the Mediterranean pyramid, suggest the use of olive oil instead of other fats and introduce it into their guidelines.

Olive oil  also appears to be linked with longevity and even with the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. And as beauty starts from within... olive oil contributes to good skin health , thanks to the vitamin E that it contains.

Of course, when it comes to olive oil, the type of oil you will buy plays a decisive role. Its quality is determined by the amount of processing that the fruit of the olive tree undergoes.

The best quality is extra virgin olive oil . In Yoleni's Flagship store and at www.yoleni's.com you will find a great variety of olive oils with authentic, quality packaging . My favorite is olive oil from organic olives and olive oil with basil !