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Influenced by the beneficial properties of activated carbon and having as a source of inspiration the original homemade recipe of lemonade, we have created and we present you the product "εvεnos", the first Greek black lemonade. The characteristic black color of εvεnos is based on the addition of active herbal carbon that comes from the Indian coconut shell). Εvεnos is produced and bottled in Greece, while for its production top-notch ingredients are used such as organic honey from Taygetus, salt from Mesolonghi, Greek herbs, ginger and many more that compose a 100% organic product with zero added sugar. Thanks to its rich flavor and the properties of its ingredients, is the perfect drink for those who want to follow a healthy way of life. For those who want the authentic flavor but also the beneficial properties of «black» lemonade with a minimal calorie burden, they can try εvenos stevia, where the organic stevia and the blue agave replace honey and compose a product with just 11.07 kcal/ 100ml. In the context of a healthy, holistic diet and detoxification, we incorporate εvenos into our daily lives, which has been proven that helps reduce excessive flatulence according to scientific studies (health claim under European regulation 432/2012)
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Wohltuende, belebende Erfrischungsgetränke mit einem besonderen Geschmack.
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Bio black lemonade with activated charcoal, honey & herbs "Evenos" 250ml

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