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Konstantinos Lalikos owns an impressive land planted, exclusively, with French varieties and located on one of the highest Paggaio points, at a height of 750 meters. The new winery of the family enterprise was completed before the vintage of 2005 and is situated in the region of Palaia Kavala. The wines produced here, exhibit a character expressing the distinguishing qualities of the cultivated varieties Viognier, Grenache rouge, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet, Merlot, Muscat Blanc, Tannat, Syrah and Sauvignon, as well as the regional terroir and the mastery and temperament of the winemaker. Salmon pink color, semidry taste, with aromas of red fruit and flowers, balanced sweetness and flavor freshness. Accompany it with light pasta with red sauce, pizza, while can be also drunk as an aperitif.
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Product History
Winzer brauchen Geschicklichkeit und Inspiration, um die Eigenschaften von weißen und roten Rebsorten zu einem guten Roséwein zu kombinieren. Roséweine sind sehr leicht mit verschiedenen Lebensmitteln zu kombinieren, denn sie können: als Aperitif getrunken werden, zu allen mit Olivenöl gekochten griechischen Gerichten gereicht werden, zu gegrilltem Fisch genossen werden, sie können Nudelgerichte begleiten, den Geschmack chinesischer Gerichte verstärken, zu gegrilltem Fleisch getrunken werden und sie sind ebenso eine perfekte Begleitung zu einem Früchteteller. Entdecken Sie die Brillanz von Roséweinen!
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Kavala is one of Greece’s most picturesque cities. Its unique character and spectacular location, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the Symvolo mountain range, make it one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and a bustling harbour that unites the East with the West, Europe with Asia. Its cultural and gastronomic identity has always been highly praised. References to the city go far back to the Prehistoric Period, culminating in Homeric narrations, and continue to the present day. The region’s fascinating and diverse cuisine has been enriched with elements introduced by Greeks arriving in the area from Pontus, Asia Minor and Cappadocia.

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«Variete» P.G.I Kavala "Lalikos Mountain Vineyards" Rosé Semi-dry Wine 750ml

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Character that expresses the distinguishing qualities of the cultivated varieties, as well as the regional terroir and the mastery of the winemaker.
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