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Herbal tea with mint, lemongrass & Greek saffron! Pure fresh lemon and cooling mint! Benefits from saffron: Relieves stomachache Relieves kidney pain Stimulates appetite and facilitates digestion while limiting gastralgia, hysteria, convulsions, cockitis Antidepressant, anti-aging and anti-tumor properties Boosts brain function and memory Reduces cholesterol and displays antithrombotic action Reduces blood pressure Beneficial effects on people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s Helps asthma attacks, premenstrual syndrome, nausea, digestive disorders, teething discomfort Aphrodisiac properties
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Product History
Kräutertees sind angenehme, belebende Getränke. Um sie zuzubereiten, kocht man Kräuter, aromatische Pflanzen oder Wurzeln. Man kann sie warm oder kalt genießen. Die reiche, besondere Flora Griechenlands bietet zahlreiche Pflanzen für Kräutertees. Für die richtige Zubereitung eines Kräutertees legen Sie das Kraut ihrer Wahl in kochendes Wasser und lassen es kurz ziehen und seine Farbe und Aromen entfalten. Servieren Sie Ihren Kräutertee vorzugsweise in einer dicken Porzellantasse und süßen Sie ihn mit Zucker oder Honig.
Meet the producer: Krocus Kozanis Products
Krocus Kozanis Products
In 1971 the greek saffron(Krokos Kozanis) growers formed the Cooperative de Safran; since then, the cooperative has had the exclusive responsibility of harvesting, sorting, processing, packaging and trading the whole Krokos (saffron) production. As of 1998, Greek Red Saffron (Krokos Kozanis) has entered the “Register of protected designations of origin” (PDO). Krocus Kozanis Products S.A., established in 2007, is a joint venture between the Cooperative de Saffran of Kozani and the Greek skincare brand KORRES, introducing an Organic Herbal Tea Collection with Krokos Kozanis (saffron), a ‘first’ for the international food & drink market.
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Visit the region: Kozani
The Prefecture of Kozani is located in the western part of Macedonia and has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic era. During the Archaic period, the area was inhabited by Greek tribes. During the Roman era, it was conquered by the Romans, followed by the Byzantium and finally became part of the Ottoman Empire until 1912. During its history, the area witnessed great commercial, industrial and home-crafts activity and showed great prosperity in the field of literature, music and architecture. It has lush forests of fir and beech trees, numerous springs and rivers, torrential streams, fierce-looking gorges, rocky slopes, plateaus, acres of grazing land, and valleys. There is also an abundance of rare wildflowers in Kozani, which combine with its wild natural beauty, most harmoniously giving it a serene and almost mystifying beauty.
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Herbal tea with mint, lemongrass & Greek Saffron, from Kozani "Krocus Kozanis Products" 18g

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Pure fresh lemon and cooling mint! Enjoy!
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Meet the producer: Krocus Kozanis Products
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