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Mastic (or mastiha) is the resin of the native Mastic trees on Chios island. Chios island is the only place in the world where pure mastic, the famous ʻtears of Chiosʼ, flourishes and its the essence and soul of this peculiar and extra premium liqueur. Mastiha flavor is apparent and unique either straight up or mixed. Flavour : Soft and sweet feeling with a microscopic suspicion of sourness. Vigorous Mastic aftertaste. Aroma: Elegant and clean scent shaping an overall softening and refreshing Smell: subtle lavender and coconut mouthfeel, with the unique Mastic smell being prevalent. Color : White, Opaque.
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Product History
Liköre sind Teil der griechischen Tradition. Die Aromen und der Geschmack von Früchten und Nüssen aus der griechischen Natur verbinden sich mit dem Alkohol und bezaubern durch ihren besonderen Charakter. Man genießt sie mit Süßem und Gebäck, sie werden aber auch einfach nach dem Essen als Digestif serviert.
Meet the producer: Roots Spirits
Roots Spirits

Originating from a 160 year old distillery, the Finest Roots Spirits combine the unique experience of four generations of distilling with an original inspiration in liqueur philosophy. Old recipes, having survived and matured through the years, are the starting point for our passion. Finest Roots is a range of four premium modern Greek liqueurs: Mastiha, Rakomelo, Tentura and Herb Spirit, the Greek amaro with ʻdiktamoʼ. Our philosophy is to offer true, pure and high quality tastes to the audience, with deep 'roots' in the past and an essential presence today. Contrary to common practices, every last drop of our drinks is made with only 100% natural extracts, without any flavor essences or artificial additives.

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Traditioneller Mastix - Likör aus Attika "Roots" 50ml

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A mastic liquer with soft and sweet feeling!
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Meet the producer: Roots Spirits