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Special Greek Gift Baskets with treasures from all Greece in order to surprise you.
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A gift box full of mouth-watering goodies from every corner of Greece, all suitable for diabetics!
59,95 €
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1Herbal tea with cinnamon, clove & Greek Saffron, from Kozani "Krocus Kozanis Products" 18g
1Dried wild mushrooms from Evia "Dirfis" 30g
1Organic Corinthian black currant from Nemea "Golden Black" 200g
1Dark chocolate almond dragee with stevia from Attica "Hatziyiannakis" 150g
1Pure strawberry jam with stevia from Attica "Geodi" 270g
1Peanut butter from Serres "Ellinikos Karpos" 300g
1«Shell shape» traditional pasta from Ilia "Andritsena" 500g
1Extra virgin olive oil from Crete "Arodama" 500ml
1Extra virgin olive oil with oregano aroma "Gaea" 250ml
1Naturally fermeted & debittered prune olives from Argolis "Velouitinos" 180g
1Cretan traditional small rusks (kavroumades) with graviera cheese "Votzakis Bakery" 200g
1Cereals with carob flour & buckwheat, walnuts & almonds, from Thessaloniki «Cereously Organic» "Joice Foods" 350g

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