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Your daily shield against pollutants and oiliness. Containing the optimal amount of organic aloe vera gel, it removes make up, pollutants and oiliness, without causing any dryness. In combination with the organic olive oil, widely known for its antioxidant and anti-ageing action, it improves the skin’s elasticity by assisting in the prevention of premature aging. Keep in mind that organic aloe vera has exceptional hydrating properties, with a high antioxidant and soothing action, which is why we widely use it for sunburns and irritations. Ideal for daily use and acne prone skin , since it contains salicylic acid, which is highly beneficial for skin pore decongestion and sebum balance. Offers mild disinfection, based on the fact that tea tree oil & soap grass are widely known for their antiseptic benefits.


Organic Aloe Vera

Organic olive oil

Tea tree oil

Soap grass



salicylic acid

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Product History
Die Geschichte der reinen Naturkosmetik nimmt ihren Anfang vor Hunderten von Jahren im antiken Griechenland, wo natürliche Pflegemittel Teil des Alltags waren.
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Face cleansing gel with organic aloe vera, organic olive oil & tea-tree oil, from Kos "Pandrosia" 250ml

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Your daily shield against pollutants and oiliness.
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