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Special Greek Gift Baskets with treasures from all Greece in order to surprise you.

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Sweet Break

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Product code: 800573 Gross Weight 450g
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A Cabin Approved mini gift box, filled with condiments that will surely take your meals to the next level!
11,55 €
Menge Artikel
1Peanut butter wafer with bitter cream & milk chocolate «Riddle» from Serres "Parfait" 45g
1Peanut butter wafer with milk chocolate «Riddle» from Serres "Parfait" 45g
1Traditional sesame bar «Melekouni» from Rhodes "Melissokomiki Dodekanese" 30g
1Corinthian black currant "Nuts 'n Nuts" 90g
1Pure raw honey «Wild Forest» 30g

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