"Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food." Hippocrates, 4th century B.C.

Today, more than two and one-half millennia later, and after a plethora of epidemiological studies that are undeniably in favor of his sayings, the interrelated epidemics of obesity and diabetes are growing rapidly both in USA and in Europe. As a result, we witness a rapid and massive wave turning back towards the health benefits of the traditional Greek Mediterranean Diet.

The underlying dietary principles of Greece's traditional diet are incorporated into formal nutritional guidelines and used by many major health organizations. In addition, food products in supermarkets, restaurants and health clubs are highlighting their "Greekness" (real or not) so as to persuade the public of their high nutritional value and in an attempt to capitalize on this popular trend. It is becoming crystal clear, based on the perfect agreement between the scientific community and the market that the Greek Mediterranean Diet is a sector with a huge potential that needs to be utilized and exploited as a natural resource which can help solve the Greek economic crisis; one that Greeks painfully have experienced too closely in the last years.

It is time that the international terrain is mature enough, to embrace more and more Greek traditional eating, based not only on agreement among top professors and chefs, but also after witnessing a gigantic demand in the market. Greek foods are becoming a trend around the world and with great timing, so as to be able to give the opportunity to Greeks to utilize their natural resource and create sustainable paths that will lead the crisis to its end. It is well known that times of crisis are characterized by huge risk, but also by unbelievably huge opportunities. So, let's have Greece grasp this enormous opportunity and make herself the ambassador who will help everyone around the world to eat better and live healthier by exploring the best hidden secrets of the Greek gastronomy.

The Traditional Greek Diet is a Key Part of Solving the Crisis

Therefore, we believe authorities within Greece should take the initiative and boost actively the consumption and export of Greek products, as vital components of the spirit of the Greek Mediterranean Diet. Critical to the rebirth of this gigantic effort, which will not only help financially, but will also revive the morale of the Greeks, is the creation and strengthening of promotional networks of Greek products. An outstanding paradigm which also confirms the potential for success of such initiatives comes from YOLENI'S, one of the Boston expo's sponsors. A group of Greek professionals who came together, believed in the value of the Greek diet and took the risk, creating an e-shop with a wide variety of Greek food and wine products. The YOLENI'S team finds these products by traveling all around Greece to come in contact with outstanding local producers, make deals and make these goods accessible outside Greece.

In conclusion, the evidence of the international scientific community is compelling in favor of the Greek Mediterranean Diet, and the market is in love with anything Greek, while at the same time Greece is in such a tough situation. It is time for Greeks, all over the world, to believe in and promote our diet, an integral part of our national wealth and use it as an indisputable natural resource to combat the painful and unprecedented Greek crisis.

This is an adjusted version of the article Back to the Future: Capitalizing on the Traditional Greek Diet is a Key Part of Solving the Crisis for Greeks, originally posted on The Huffington Post.