Can you think of a more relaxing picture than a picturesque table on the seafront, loaded with delicious appetizers , a jug of refreshing water, ice and a bottle of ouzo ? Of course, good company to share all of these is essential!

Ouzo  is a traditional Greek distillate of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), produced mainly in the areas of LesvosChios and Northern Greece. Its intense aroma and sweet flavor are results of the herbs used to flavor it, with aniseed being predominant. You have certainly noticed the color change of ouzo, from clear to milky, when water and/ or ice is added to it. This change occurs due to the strong presence of aniseed. Still, while many enjoy their ouzo straight, the suggested way to make the best of its flavor and characteristics is diluted with water in a 1:2 ratio: One part of ouzo  to two parts of water.

But which dishes and appetizers are ideal to accompany ouzo with? First thing that comes to mind is definitely seafood, such as smoked trout  and also traditional fava . Traditional cherry peppers filled with feta cheesesmoked aubergine spread or sun-dried tomato spread with breadsticks and green olives  are also top choices. For salad lovers, the choices are equally rich: from original Greek salad recipes, Cretan Ntako , black-eyed peas salad , to salad with lentils and tomatoes from Santorini!

Finally, Yoleni's family, having explored recipes from every corner of Greece, suggests that you enjoy ouzo not only as an aperitif, but also as an ingredient in the tastiest summer recipes! Prawn saganaki with ouzopasta salad with tuna, caper leaves and mayonnaise with ouzo aroma and meatballs with ouzo and mastiha … simple yet flavorful!