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No additives, no artificial colorings. What you see is all real and all natural. Whether you go by their color, their aroma, or their flavor, you will soon realize that you’re dealing with a special, Greek traditional product. Agrosparta’s sun-dried tomatoes carry all of the bounty of Greek Mother nature in their full-bodied lusciousness and intoxicating aroma. The flavor of tomatoes is sweet and tart at the same time.

Their nutritional value is significant. They are rich in Vitamins C and E, dietary fiber, minerals and trace elements that regulate blood sugar, alleviate constipation, and balance cholesterol. Apart from their content in polyphenols they are an incredibly rich source of lycopene whose powerful antioxidant properties are related to bone health.

Agrosparta sun dried tomatoes are made with farm fresh vine-ripe Greek tomatoes that are just right: plump, firm, and juicy. For extra flavor and taste Agrosparta uses the tomatoes that are grown on the riverside farms of the fertile Nestos Delta in Macedonia, Greece. Drying the tomatoes naturally may be time-consuming but Agrosparta prefers it that way: First, tomatoes are cut in half. They are then spread on stainless steel frames where they are exposed to warm air from a geothermal well. Fully monitored, the drying process is slow but it’s rewarding: the tomatoes that emerge are a bright red color, are bursting with natural sweetness, and their flavor has intensified. Packed with fresh herbs and no added salt, FOS sun-dried tomatoes are now ready to come to your table to add their festive color, inviting aroma, and superb taste to oh-so-many different dishes and salads!

How To Enjoy
Enjoy their unrivalled succulence plain just as an appetizer, lend their aroma and incomparable taste to green salads, dot your pizza with their wholesomeness, sweeten up your risotto, send your sauces to another dimension, conceal their unsurpassed presence in a sandwich: the list goes on and on!
Storage Instructions
Store in a cool place away from sources of light Refrigerate after opening and consume within 20 days.
Dehydrated cherry tomatoes using geothermal energy, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, garlic, herbs
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Product History

Mezé (pl. mezédhes) is a selection of appetizers served as an accompaniment to alcoholic drinks. It is borrowed from the Persian maze which means "a taste/snack”. In Greece, mezédhes are not just an array of dishes served at the table as food. To Greeks, it’s an entire concept which, apart from its associations to Greek cuisine and culinary tradition, also encompasses Greece’s own culture and socialization processes. From the old traditional coffee shops of yore to today’s trendy ouzo venues, mezédhes retain their traditional profile. They’re not served merely to ease consumption of a drink, they’re there to bring people together, promote socialization, and lead to new friendships.

In that sense, mezédhes are interwoven with Greek cuisine as the majority of them were Greek culinary developments of appetizer forms either older or originating in other countries. Some of the iconic mezedhakia (little mezédhes) as Greeks lovingly call their treasured appetizers, are salted or cured morsels of fish or meat, table olives, grilled or braised octopus, saganaki pan-fried cheese in batter, and delicious spreads such as tzatziki cucumber & garlic-flavored yogurt, tyrosalata/tyrokafteri spicy feta dip, and taramosalata fish roe dip. Greek mezédhes prove the saying that "good things come in small packages”. Served in small portions on small plates they’re ideal companions to a shot of ouzo or tsipouro, white or red wine, and ice-cold beer. Many are the restaurants, taverns, and ouzo venues around the Mediterranean where mezédhes are served with drinks.

However, to Greeks, the word mezé does not mean just "food”: it’s an entire concept and culture where the key prerequisite in enjoying mezedhakia is to be in good company. It’s a way of getting together and having fun, drinking, listening to music, talking about everything and nothing, and, above all, smile, laugh and enjoy a life of bonding and sharing!

Meet the producer: AGROSPARTA

Agrosparta is a company located in the area of Sparta, region of Laconia, in the Peloponnese. It specializes in processing, packaging, and trading Greek natural products. Anchored on respect towards the local communities and the environment, the Agrosparta team carefully selects the very best of raw materials available to come up with new products which capture within them only the ingredients that are authentic to Greek cuisine.

Agrosparta products are traded in markets such as those of Australia, Canada, the USA, Germany, Sweden, Dubai, Taiwan, and South Africa. Its efforts to knit closely together the perfect plant location, olive culture know-how, all-natural processing techniques, and cutting-edge production and packing equipment have not gone unnoticed or unrewarded: In 2014, Agrosparta received a two-star Superior Taste Award from the prestigious International Taste & Quality Institute and became the first company ever to have won such an impressive distinction for Kalamata olives. Agrosparta plant and overall facilities were both designed and built according to the specifications and regulations of the ISO 22000 Standard. The company also implements the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standard in use worldwide as a framework towards assisting food companies in producing safe foods and in selecting reliable suppliers. To Agrosparta, implementation of the BRC Standard means that the company ensures that its customers receive safely-produced, high quality products which successfully meet market and consumer demands.

Visit the region: Lakonia

Laconia can be summed up in one phrase: Magical World. Just like the magical worlds of fairy tales, it captivates one and all with its spellbinding beauty, making it everyone’s fervent wish to drink in that beauty even for a moment! Its history and tradition, its mountain and sea vistas, its genuine people and their deep-seated values, all compose a paradise on earth that no one should miss. The prefecture of Laconia is the southernmost prefecture of Peloponnese and Continental Greece. It gives to the Aegean Sea, the Gulf of Messinia, and the Laconian Gulf.Lakonia could be described as a crossroad where natural beauty meets ancient history. It is the southernmost prefecture of continental Greece. Most interestingly, it invites its visitors on a trip in history through its numerous monuments, extending from ancient and byzantine times to the modern days. Discover legendary Sparta with the glorious byzantine castle city of Mystras and the medieval castle of Monemvasia! Visit the byzantine churches and monasteries, take a walk along the cobblestoned alleys and spend some time admiring the mansions with the arches and the Venetian crests. All these monuments help us explore the rich history of the area. On the other hand, the landscape is characterized by great natural beauty, ideally combining the roughness of the mountains and the serenity of the sea. Experience its magical influence! The rough beauty of Mani, the emerald waters of Elafonissos, the one and only Greek fjord in Gerakas are truly worth exploring! You can also add the valley of Evrotas river, the picturesque Gythio, the countless fishing villages, natural Diros caves, the villages on Mount Taigetos and Parnonas, green gorges, watermills, caves and waterfalls. All these make a heavenly landscape!

Laconia, just like the rest of the Peloponnese, is renowned for its wealth of highly-praised, all-natural local products which one can find at each and every corner of it: its top-quality olive oils, its famed wines, its pure honey, the homemade, traditional “spoonful” preserves, and its aromatic herbs are the basic traditional and delicious products inviting you to taste them. It is on the wholesomeness and unrivalled flavor of those products that local cuisine relies to usher you into unforgettable gourmet experiences and mold the Laconian land’s social culture and local character.

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Sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oil "FOS" 9.9oz

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Add a gourmet touch to your salads and dishes with these sun-dried tomatoes that have perfected their "suntan” in the caressing rays of the Greek sun. A vivid red color, Agrosparta sun-dried tomatoes are tomatoes which ripened leisurely at the farms of northern Greece’s Nestos River Delta until their Mediterranean aromas and juices reached their peak.

Our producers back in Greece are working to make your favorite product available soon!

  Product of Greece
Meet the producer: AGROSPARTA
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Sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oil "FOS" 9.9oz nutrition
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Sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oil "FOS" 9.9oz size
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