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A rich source of energy, proteins, and complex carbs, 776 Papardeles egg pasta is prepared the Greek traditional way. Crafted by Deluxe Foods in its traditional pasta workshop facilities, 776 Papardeles are made with the choicest ingredients such as cow’s milk and local eggs. Their nutritious value is so significant that they are at the very base of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid of nutrition. Additive-free, these imposing broad pasta ribbons hold chunky sauces in place and offer a full, satisfying meal.

776 Papardeles has been named after 776 BC, the date when the first Olympics Games of the ancient world were held in ancient Olympia. Thousands of years after that historic event, Deluxe Foods strives to continue the tradition by offering the choicest of local products that the greater Olympia area so abundantly yields.

776 Papardeles have finally traveled to your doorstep to delight you with their nutritional value, entice you with their flavorful nature, and become one of your pantry staples when you need a quick meal fast.

How To Enjoy
Serve your 776 papardele with beef braised in red sauce, match it with hefty chicken dishes, give elegant mushrooms a niche, introduce them to white Alonissos Island tuna and tomato sauce, mix them up in your summer vegetables, and enjoy their fulfilling flavor.
Storage Instructions
Before opening store in a cool place away from sources of light
Hard wheat flour, semolina, eggs (21.49%), pasteurized cow’s milk, salt.
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Product History

Pasta and Greek traditional foods have been journeying together, hand in hand, since antiquity. In Greece, pasta is inextricably associated with childhood memories and images of family gatherings when the bowl containing the family’s "secret” pasta recipe would be served at the dinner table. Similar memories of pasta have been enjoyed by people throughout the world for hundreds of years. The first country to put pasta on the map was Italy although it is said that that pasta made its first appearance in ancient Greece as a square sheet of dough called "lasanon”, i.e., what we instantly recognize today as lasagna! Today, pasta comes in many shapes and forms as its popularity continues unabated since pasta cooks fast and is the foundation of endless delicious recipes.

Pasta is a basic component of the Mediterranean Diet since it’s made from wheat which is at the very base of that diet’s "Gold Standard” healthy pattern of eating. Pasta is an excellent source of carbohydrates that provide the human body with protein and energy. In the Greek villages of yore, pasta was enveloped by treasured customs: at some point during the summer, rural homemakers would make their pasta fresh and dry it naturally in the open air by spreading it on sheets and letting the sun do its work. Pasta would then be stored in each house’s cellar where it would await for winter to become a quick and easy meal for the large families of that time.

Traditional Greek pasta varies from region to region in shape, size, and cooking method. Whichever pasta shape or size you choose, you will never be disappointed in traditional Greek pasta: plain with some cheese grated on top, paired with a delicious sauce, as a side dish to meat, or as a hearty soup, pasta is here to stay and assert its versatile presence.

Meet the producer: 776 Deluxe Foods
776 Deluxe Foods

In 2014, a company new to the food sector was established in Pyrgos, Ilia, in the Peloponnese. Almost immediately, the first presentation of its products created a climate of high expectations. 776 Deluxe Foods was established with a view to producing and distributing to the market wholesome products local to the area of Ilia and traditional in nature. Its range of premium, gourmet products includes olive oil, honey, and traditional pasta such as sweet trahanas (frumenty), hilopites (noodles), lasagna, kritharaki (orzo), and papardelle.

776 Deluxe Foods set out to promote worldwide the gourmet extra virgin olive oil which is produced in the area of ancient Olympia and that no one knew about outside the borders of Greece. The company was convinced that the world had to find out about that superior olive oil and that its mission was to share that treasured product with people around the world. Its mission soon grew to include not only the production and distribution of its own extra virgin olive oil but also the select local products of small food producers. Why 776 Deluxe Foods? What does that number mean? The company took its name from the date 776 BCE, the date when the first Olympic Games were held in ancient Olympia. Thousands of years later after that date, in the greater area of Olympia, the 776 Deluxe Foods team is striving to continue the Greek spirit of winning and the region’s tradition by making available to the world the very best foods that the bounty of the area of Olympia so generously yields.

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Visit the region: Olympia

Olympia, western Peloponnese, is ancient Greece’s most renowned sanctuary and was dedicated to Zeus, father of gods and mortals. It was within that magnificent ancient temple that the formidable ivory & gold statue of Zeus used to stand. Sculpted by Pheidias, it had been named one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. One of the most significant ancient sites worldwide, Olympia is a pole of attraction for visitors and determines the area’s tourism profile.

However, the significance of the ancient site of Olympia does not stop there. It was at Olympia that the Olympic Games, the ancient Greeks’ most important event were held in classical times. A series of athletic competitions, the Olympic Games traditionally date back to 776 BC. Even today, the contemporary Olympics Games begin at that ancient site with the ceremony of the lighting of the Olympic Flame which travels around the world to the place the games are held every four years.

The greater area of Olympia (Ilia) is not simply the location of some of the world’s most significant archeological sites. It is a fertile farmland with thriving olive and citrus groves, vineyards, and wheat fields. Olympia geographical profile is characterized by a diversity that is created by the area’s hills, valleys, lofty mountains, and steep cliffs dropping to the sea. Enchanting sandy stretches, wetlands that are the habitat of rare aquatic fauna and flora, verdant forests, hot springs, and traditional villages co-exist in harmony with wondrous archaeological sites, historical monuments, and Byzantine monasteries in a rich weave that is the history of Olympia and Ilia.

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Papardelles traditional egg pasta "776" 17.6oz

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Greek papardeles are pappardelle in shape only. Crafted by Deluxe Foods in Ilia, western Peloponnese, traditional Greek papardeles are made with sheep’s milk, eggs, and flour for a wholesome and delicious result that will change the way you think about broad pasta ribbons.

Our producers back in Greece are working to make your favorite product available soon!

  Product of Greece
Meet the producer: 776 Deluxe Foods
Nutritional Facts
Papardelles traditional egg pasta "776" 17.6oz nutrition
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Papardelles traditional egg pasta "776" 17.6oz size
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