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"Moria Elea” is crafted by Olive Vision in Ermioni, Argolida, in the southern part of continental Greece. Behind this monovarietal’s premium quality there is the Greek Mythology legend about "Moria Elea”, the first olive tree bestowed by the goddess Athena on the Athenians. Fully aware of the "heavenly” quality of its extra virgin olive oil, Olive Vision named it after "Moria Elea” to pay tribute to that first olive tree of Olympian quality. By crafting an extra virgin olive oil whose exquisiteness can only be compared to that of the first olive tree, Olive Vision aims at familiarizing consumers the world over with Greek mythology and history and at promoting the purity of Greek products.

"Moria Elea” comes from the highly acclaimed Manaki olive variety whose unique sensory attributes elevate it to iconic status. Harvesting does not begin until the olives have reached that perfect point of balance in their life cycle. First, the olives are hand-picked between mid-October and late November. Next, they are carefully placed one by one in specially designed plastic crates which allow the air to circulate and prevent the olives from suffocating. The olives are transferred to the olive making facilities daily where they yield their olive oil by means of cold extraction. Before storing the ensuing olive oil, Olive Vision subjects all of its olive oil samples of all batches from each variety to in-depth analysis for quality, authenticity, and contamination. Then a certified olive oil taste panel runs an organoleptic (sensory) assessment on the same samples. The olive oil is then stored in stainless steel containers in a cool place away from direct sources of sunlight at a steady temperature of 15°C with a nitrogen-filling system in place to ensure that this cold-extacted olive oil fully retains its aromas.

Moria Elea Monovarietal Manaki is an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional nutritional value and superior taste as it comes from "Manaki”, one of the most coveted Greek olive varieties which yields its best self in Argolida’s microclimate. It has a hard-to-resist fruity yet mild taste and complex aromas ready to captivate even the most demanding of connoisseurs.

How To Enjoy
Make it a part of your salads, pasta, white meats, and fish to turn them into works of culinary art
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Before or after opening, store in a cool place away from direct sources of light.
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    Best Quality EVOO Award 2014 by Gastronomos Magazine Grand Prestige Gold Award, TerraOlivo International EVOO Competition 2013
Product History

Olive oil is the base of the Mediterranean gastronomical culture. Its high content in mono-unsaturated fats ranks it among the top health products. Olive oil is the oil produced from the fruit of the olive tree. Olive trees were among the first trees to provide food to humankind that was as nourishing as it was nutritious. The olive tree’s history, cultivation, fruit, and fruit juice (none other than olive oil), are inextricably linked to the peoples of the Mediterranean and to Greece in particular. It thrives near the sea under the Mediterranean sun, it shows a preference for infertile and rocky soils, and can survive weather conditions of drought and rough winds. It is precisely because of all those reasons why olive trees thrived in Greece: The country’s outstanding terroir encourages olive trees to yield fruit that gives unique, traditional Greek products that envelop all of the history and tradition of Greece. Historians believe that the olive tree has its roots in ancient Greece. Archaeological finds throughout the country include olive presses for olive oil extraction and olive oil storage vessels that date back to times before recorded History.

Today, Greece ranks first among Mediterranean countries producing traditional, quality virgin olive oil. Greek olive oil is not just a culinary delight. It also gives its bounty generously to those who look for it. "Virgin” olive oil is the "natural juice” of the olive which contains all of the olive’s key elements (vitamins, trace elements, micro-elements). By extension, it also contains all of the beneficial properties of the olive. According to the relevant legislation, virgin olive oil must be produced solely by mechanical means and undergo only natural processing so that the end product may remain unaltered. Depending on its acidity, virgin olive oil is divided into "virgin olive oil” and "extra virgin olive oil”.

Given the fact that 75% of the olive oil produced in Greece is extra virgin, Greece ranks first in the world in extra virgin olive oil production (the term, ‘extra virgin’, stands for the highest quality olive oil), while it is the third largest olive oil producing country in the world. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is described as being almost free of acidity, expressed as oleic acid and not exceeding 0, 8%. Acidity is one of the most important criteria for olive oil quality, since the lower the acidity level, the better olive oil quality we get.

Meet the producer: Olive Vision
Olive Vision

Olive Vision is a company established in 2011 by Kostas Balafas and George Dimarakis. Though fairly new, Olive Vision is a fast-growing company with expertise and specialization in producing, standardizing, and trading extra virgin olive oil. Olive Vision’s founders are not strangers to the field. They have coupled their love and devotion for olive growing and olive making with their long-standing marketing know-how to arrive at the crafting of “Moria Elea”, a range of exceptional extra virgin olive oils.

They have set their heart not only on crafting a product of excellence but also on pampering their consumers with a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience. To do so, they are growing Koroneiki and Manaki, two of Greece’s best olive cultivars, in the family olive groves in Ermioni, Argolida, in sunny southern Greece where their storage and standardization facilities are also located.

The production process starts with olive growing, continues with the harvest, and ends with the crafting of the olive oil, its storage, and bottling. Under the guidance of a team of experts and following a rigorous pattern of soil, water, and leaf analysis, Olive Vision goes on to implement the best and safest growing practices, all anchored on an Agricultural Production Integrated Management System. Depending on the olive variety, harvesting takes place between mid-October and late December and never before the olives of each variety have reached their perfect point of maturity. The olives are then hand-picked with great care so as not to have their sensory traits compromised. The end result is “Moria Elea”, a highly acclaimed extra virgin olive oil which has been the proud recipient of many an international award both for its quality and its elegant packaging.

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Visit the region: Ermioni

Argolida extends to the eastern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula. It constitutes a challenge for historical, cultural and naturalistic exploration. Nafplio, also known as the "first capital of Greece” during recent historical times, manages without a doubt to enchant its many visitors. Its cobblestone streets, Venetian castles, neoclassical mansions, Turkish fountains, historical churches, and its boat rides on crystal clear water, all add to the magic of this magnificent and beautiful town. One is awe-struck when visiting the ancient palace of Atrides in the area of Mycenaes, the cyclopean walls of ancient Tiryns and the outstanding ancient theatre of Epidaurus – a theatre most famous for its excellent acoustics and where many a visitor goes during the Summer Festival, to watch a play. Low hills with olive groves and vineyards, enormous rocks with deep gorges and prickly pear trees, along with totally wind-protected coves with fish taverns, all form the natural landscape of Argolida.

On the southeastern coast of the Prefecture of Argolida, there is an area of unrivalled natural vistas and breathtaking beauty: Ermioni (Hermione). It is a small, coastal town whose scenic, island-like architecture and ambiance captivates visitors at first sight. Amphitheatrically built on Pronos Hill, in one of the most picturesque nooks of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, Ermioni is one of the most attractive areas of the Peloponnese that has become a preferred tourism destination as it affords its visitors unforgettable holidays. Ermioni has been uninterruptedly inhabited since 3000 BC. Its ancient inhabitants were mainly engaged in the processing and trading of Porphyra (Imperial Purple), a natural dye secreted from a saltwater snail. Porphyra was highly prized in antiquity and was a status symbol with which royal and imperial garments were dyed including the garments of Alexander the Great.

Ermioni is famous worldwide for each numerous beaches and crystal-clear waters which are surrounded by verdant pine tree forests and promise one-of-a-kind escapes. In the town’s center, visitors can see the Church of Taxiarches. It has been looking down from its lofty height since the 17th century when it was built on the spolia of an earlier temple dedicated to Demeter Chthonia. The location’s highest elevation promises a magnificent view to the scenic islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf that no visitor should miss!

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Manaki Variety "Moria Elea" 16.9fl.oz

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It’s not just another extra virgin olive oil. It is so superior as to have an entire legend behind its origins. It is crafted in Ermioni, regional unit of Argolida, from the renowned Manaki olive variety. "Moria Elea” is a monovarietal whose sensory traits and unrivalled taste are stamped with the blessings of Greek Mother Nature

Our producers back in Greece are working to make your favorite product available soon!

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Meet the producer: Olive Vision
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Manaki Variety "Moria Elea" 16.9fl.oz nutrition
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Manaki Variety "Moria Elea" 16.9fl.oz size
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