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The king of mushrooms at your service! Porcini mushrooms that reign over all and are produced in Evia, Greece’s fertile island. > Porcini mushrooms are an excellent, edible, wild mushroom species, with a wonderful chestnut and hazelnut aroma, smooth texture and delicious taste, similar to that of meat.

Most of the edible mushrooms native to Greece and belonging to the genus Boletus, such as B. edulis, B. aereus, B. pinophilus, and B. reticulatus, are quite popular for their crunchy texture and nutty flavor. Throughout the world, these mushrooms are known by many names: "Porcini” in Italy, Varganya in Hungary, "Borowik szlachetny” in Poland, "Cepes” in France, and "Steinpilz” in Germany. In Greece, names for the various mushroom species of the genus Boletus also abound. In the areas of Grevena, Kozani, and Kastoria, B. edulis and B. reticulatus are known as "Volitis”, and "Vasiliko”. In Pilio, as "Vasila” or "Vasilomanitaro”, and, in Pieria, as "Vasilikara”. As for B. aereus, due to its monkish looks, it’s known as "Kalogeraki”, "Kalogritsa”, and "Kaloeratsi”.

It is a wild mushroom, which due to the special mycorrhizal relationship that it develops with forest trees, like fir and chestnut trees, it makes it impossible to be cultivated. In Greek nature, porcini mushrooms are collected in spring and autumn by experienced mushroom pickers. They are rich in fibre, antioxidants and are low in fat. Porcini mushrooms are also an excellent source of B complex vitamins, vitamin D, minerals and proteins. "Dirfys" wild mushrooms are collected under the supervision of special agriculturists, with care and respect to the natural environment. The natural way of drying ensures that all their ingredients remain intact. Regular chemical and microbiological tests are carried out in the laboratories of the Agricultural Department of the University of Athens and in accredited laboratories as well.

How To Enjoy
Enjoy the porcini mushrooms sautéed in olive oil with some garlic and parsley, in fresh salads with green leafy vegetables, in risottos, in pasta, in soups or to garnish meat dishes
Storage Instructions
Before opening, store in a cool place away from direct sources of light.Refrigerate after opening for up to 2 months.
Dried wild mushrooms, Boletus edulis Bull., B. aerus Schaeff, sliced. May contain traces of forest residues (leaves etc.)
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Product History
The first mushroom findings on the planet date back to 400 million years. The Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks and the Romans were familiar with several edible mushrooms and appreciated their culinary value. Historically, mushrooms were used in pharmaceutics, medicine and perfumery. Mushrooms are low in saturated fats, sodium and calories, but rich in vitamins, iron, phosphorous and potassium. Some mushroom species are cultivable, while others are only found growing wild in natural environment. Every year in autumn and spring, experienced mushroom collectors go up the mountains in Greece, to forage for wild mushrooms, an absolutely wonderful culinary treasure, so high in nutritional value.
Meet the producer: Dirfis

In 2006, two young men, Eleftherios Lahouvaris and Athanasios Mastroyannis, both university graduates in Agriculture but also with great experience in mushroom growing, founded "Dirfis" – a company situated Northern Evia. Being dedicated and passionate lovers of the agricultural mycology sector, they are ‘fiercely’ engaged in the cultivation of pleurotus mushrooms and in the production of products of high gastronomical and bioactive, functional value. They participate in pioneering research projects in cooperation with universities; they constantly make sure they keep up to date with the latest developments in their field. Moreover, they share their knowledge of mushrooms through international congresses and seminars.

What "Dirfis" does, is to collect and dry wild mushrooms found in the Greek forests and launch them to the market. Eleftherios and Athanasios aim at creating new products based on mushrooms and also emphasizing their nutritious and bioactive ingredients.Dirfis has installed its mushroom cultivation unit at a safety distance of 7 km from the substrate production unit to ensure that conditions of hygiene are kept high and that risk of infection during pasteurization and incubation is kept at its lowest possible level.

Dirfis chose its location at the foothills of Mount Dirfis very carefully using stringent environmental criteria. The company’s production unit is surrounded by lush vegetation and is characterized by a terrain that is ideal for the creation of the microclimate mushrooms need in order to grow. The location of the plant is free of any vehicle or industrial pollution and follows to the letter all the specifications necessary in producing wholesome products that are rid of any external polluting factors. One of the most impressive natural phenomena is how rapidly and suddenly mushrooms appear. That phenomenon is directly linked to the evaporation rate of the mycelium’s growing fruit body and osmotic pressure. By applying the appropriate ventilation and by maintaining the cultivation cabin at the right temperature and humidity, the Dirfis team ensures that the evaporation rate of its precious cultivations will remain within required levels.

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Visit the region: Pissonas, Evia
Pissonas, Evia

Pissonas is a farming village on the foothills of the mountain range of Dirfis, on the island of Evia, northeast of the city of Chalkida.The history of the region, dates way back to ancient times. Throughout the 2500 years of its recorded history, starting from the Neolithic era, this region witnessed many conquerors - Spartans, Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Venetians and Ottomans.In terms of its natural landscape, Evia Island is a combination of the absolutely wonderful lush green mountains and the sapphire blue water of the sea which surrounds it – a unique combination indeed! The stunning beaches, the deep blue sea with its redeeming qualities, all mingle with the majestic and imposing presence of the mountain - the rich forested peaks, the olives trees, fig trees and fir trees are all awe-inspiring!

In all likelihood, Dirfis was named after its tallest peak, Delfi, a name which changed into “Dirfis” over time. Dirfis’ peak, Delfi, is approximately 1.750m tall and in ancient times it was a place of worship of the goddess Hera. The village of Pissonas lies on the foothills of Dirfis which was quite probably named either after those who fell at some battle there (pessontes) or after the mist (poussi) which lingers in the area throughout the year. The Tower of Mostras, a medieval tower in Pissonas, is a sight worth seeing since it is still standing and remains intact. The tower was named after Spyridon Mostras, its owner, who was the last eminent landowner of the area.

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Dried Porcini Mushrooms "Dirfys" 1.0oz

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Dried porcini as you’ve never tasted them before! These delectable fungi are grown on the forested slopes of Mount Dirfis, island of Evia, where they develop their exquisitely subtle taste.

Our producers back in Greece are working to make your favorite product available soon!

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Meet the producer: Dirfis
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